How To Turn Off Or On Automatic Update On Android

Automatic update of applications and android software updates are essential for security updates and application bug fixing on your device.

How To Turn Off Or On Auto Application Update (Auto Update Apps)

By Default Android Kitkat 4.4 above is set to automatically update apps on Wifi only (Auto-update apps over Wi-Fi only).

Some of us needs to take charge on this particular option and want to set to our own preferred options, especially when our wifi connection is limited and we don't want it to get exhausted by Our Android Auto apps update.

Turning Of Auto Application Update on Wifi Or Data

Step 1 . Launch Android Play Store

Click Menu At The "Upper Right Corner"

Goto Settings

Click Auto Update And Set to Your Preferred Option

How To Update Android Software OTA method

Goto Settings >> More >> About Device >> Finally Click Software Update
How To Update Security Policy

Goto Settings >>  More >> Security >> Scroll Down And Click Security Policy Update

Under The Menu you can select Automatic or Manual Update..

How To Update Android Apps Individually

Launch Play Store >> Click Menu At The Upper Left Corner >> Click My Apps

You Will See a list of all installed apps .. you can then update the apps by click update next to the name of the app.. The update option will only appear only when there's available update for the app.

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Mtn officially launch mtn season of surprise promo,  a plan that offers 3gigs night and 1.5gig day bonus data bundle for smartphones and tablets. It is currently called a promo plan but we are sure it is here to stay.

I've noticed its difficult for most of us to conveniently use this plan for 30days without exhausting the daily in only few day. Henceforth waiting until 9pm before you can actually browse which is not convenient for any frequent internet users.

Some Have Decided To Stay Off This Plan Because Of The Inconvenience Of Browsing late Night Only After Exhausting The Added Daily Bonus. 

I found a solution to this and now you can enjoy the mtn season of surprise MTN N2500 data plan for 24hours without the use of any software just common sense.

First Method On How To Use MTN 2500Naira Plan For 4.5 Day And Night Plan For 24Hours

Activation Code For MTN Smartphone Plan is : TEXT 120 to 131

After Activation, you are to apply common sense henceforth.

Always Restart Your Device Or Simply Switch to Airplane Mode and Active Back Once It 9pm before Using Data Consuming Application Or Website. This ensures that your 3gig night plan is now in use.

Note: Data Doesn't Automatically Switch to 3gig Night Plan Once Its 9pm, by turning off or switching on and off airplane mode once its 9pm affirms that you are now on night plan. Henceforth all data charges will be on the Night Plan bundle.

Second Method : Extending Your MTN Data Night Plan To Work For You During The Day

Requires Simple Sense

Restart Your Mobile Phone or Tablets Before 6am And Make Sure it doesn't go off all through the day. All data used on this plan will be charged on your night plan and your daily plan remains intact.

Note: If your mobile phone, tablets or router goes off for any reason after this please note that you've automatically switch to your daily plan.

For Further explanation on article connect with us on twitter @blackethics or @ advancenaira or simply drop a comment.

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MTN iPulse Benefits In Univerisity Campus

MTN iPulse as Powered Students by making call rates affordable, rates as low as 11k/sec, SMS at 2Naira, 90% discount on all major callertunez coupled with free MTN goodybag bundle and 10migabytes for only 100Naira.

MTN iPulse is now in it's Fourth Year and has evolved to become beneficial to the Nigeria youth. 

iPulse from MTN in accordance to press release from the company claims that call rates, data and SMS is currently the most affordable across campuses in Nigerian.

Rates and Benefits Of MTN iPulse

Call rate - 11kobo per Seconds After First Minutes

Sms Rates - 2 Naira Per Sms

Free Data 10 Megabytes Weekly On N100 Recharge

Free Caller Tunes Valid for first 30 Days

Free Calls 12:30am till 4:30am With A Minimum Balance Of 100Naira

And Many more......

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Registered iPulse Users Enjoys this discounts rate only within tertiary institutions within the country.

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MTN Zone Activation Code, Tariff And Benefits

MTN Zone prepaid call tariff plan gives amazing discount for on-net calls. In this article i will guide you through how to migrate and activate MTN Zone prepared call plan and all the basic information you need to know about MTN Zone prepaid tariff plan.

MTN Zone  is a prepaid plan only available for all prepaid customer at great discount valid for mtn to mtn calls online (ON-NET).

Advantage Of MTN Zone
  • Amazing Discount On MTN to MTN Calls
  • Notification On Calls
  • Happy Hour Calls (Free Midnight Calls)
  • Incredible Added Value Service

MTN Happy Hours is free calls From 12am till 4am, make sure you have at least a minimum balance of 100N airtime before making happy hours calls. It totally free of charge and your airtime will not be deducted.

How To Activate / Migrate To MTN Zone Prepaid Call Plans

  • MTN Zone Migration Via Text Message : Sms 135 to 131
  • MTN Zone Activation Via USSD Code : Dial *135*1#
MTN Zone discount is powered by discounts derived from various cell sites.

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Etisalat Weekly And Daily Plan Activation Code

Easynet Data Plan By Etisalat Nigeria Gives 50MB weekly and 10Mb Daily. Easynet work on all platform, simply Sub for your phones, tablets or modem and add up the plan you like and you good to go.

How To Activate Easynet Plan

Simply Recharge and activate your preferred plan

For Weekly Plan

Data Capacity 50 Mb
Activation Code, Dial *229*3*4#
Easynet Weekly Plan Cost : 500Naira

For Daily Easynet Plan

Data capacity 10MB
Activation Code, Dial *229*3*1#
Easynet Daily Plan Cost : 100 Naira

How To Check Data Bundle Balance On Easynet By Etisalat, Also Applicable to all other etisalat plans
Simply dial *228# using your phone or USSD command prompt on your device 

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How To Become MTN Data Reseller With MTN SME Data Share

Data reselling is now on almost every forum in the country, lately a lot of people has enlisted and join the trending MTN SME program. Ever wondered how they get the data? MTN actually rolled out the opportunity few months ago.

Officially MTN SME data program is meant for business owners so they get full control on data distribution to there staff member which also includes a significant discount on the more data you purchase the better discount.

MTN SME Data Share has opened a new opportunity door for user's with intentions of making money reselling data by simply subscribe for any of the flexible data plan and redistributing to potential buyer, friends and family.

How To Instantly Join The MTN SME Data Share Program

Everyone is eligible, Simply Migrate to MTN SME Plus Tariff  

Subscription Code For MTN SME Data Share Via Sms : Send 460 To 131

USSD Subscription Code For MTN SME Data Share Via USSD: Dial *460#

STEP 2: Select The Plan You Want To Subscribe

Note: All plan are valid for only 30days

Amount : 10, 000Naira
validity : 30days
10 GIG SME SMS Subscription Code :  465 to 131
USSD Subscription Code *461# and follow the instruction

Amount : 18, 000Naira
validity : 30days
20GIG SME SMS Subscription Code :  466 to 131
USSD Subscription Code *461# and follow the instruction

Amount : 40,000Naira
validity : 30days
50GIG SME SMS Subscription Code :  467 to 131
USSD Subscription Code *461# and follow the instruction

Amount : 52,500Naira
validity : 30days
75GIG SME SMS Subscription Code :  468 to 131
USSD Subscription Code *461# and follow the instruction

Let Proceed :  After subscribing the next thing is distributing, you're allowed to distribute only in the normal subscription pattern of 250MB, 500MB, 750MB, 1GIG respectively as many times you wish.

How To Transfer MTN SME Data Share Plan

Send Text Only In This Format :

SMESHARE <Beneficiary Phone Number> <Datasize> <Pin>

Example : SMESHARE 08132467890 750 1256 

Note: Only a single space in between just like we do when we want to transfer airtime.

For More Information goto : 
Drop Comments and lets know your experience.

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha Tips And Tricks

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the fastest android smart phone in the world with a powerful ultra core  processor and 2gig of ram. It also features beautiful 4.7inch silver hamlet screen and a stealth body that is slimmer than the new Apple iPhone 6.

Here Are 5 Tips And Tricks Of The Samsung Galaxy Alpha

1. Make The Most Of Your 4G Connection

The Samsung galaxy alpha is 4G ready giving your incredible access to media on the internet, it supports LTE. It simply mean it can deliver 4G speeds of upto 300mb/s, so it can deliver the fastest speed that your network is capable of.

2. Multi Task

Most of the top of the range smart phones comes with a quad core processors, the Samsung galaxy alpha goes even further by including an ULTA CORE CPU. This mean you can multitask as much faster so you can run your favorite app at the same time without the Samsung Galaxy Alpha Slowing down. The Ultra Core Processor also gives you good battery life, while ensuring the Samsung alpha battery gets the right amount of power depending on what apps you're using.

3. Use Fingerprint to Unlock The phone

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha has a FINGER PRINT SCANNER built into it the home button, before you can start using it, you first need to register your Finger Print. You can do this easily by tapping the finger scanner icon in the setting menu menu. Once you're done you can now unlock your phone using your finger printer and also lock apps and folders separately.

4. Extend Your Battery Life

All it's power won't be necessarily good if the battery doesn't holdup. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha battery life won't be too much of a concern with Power Saving Mode with Ultra Power Saving Mode.

5. Take Better Photos Instantly

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha comes with a 12mega pixel Rear camera and a 2.1 mega Pixel Front camera. On top of this it comes with a lots of new tools that can make your photo's look fantastic with is Realtime HDR meaning you no longer need some third party apps.

Drop Your Reviews as comments below.

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Apple iPhone 6 Greatest New Features

The new iPhone 6 great New features you need to know about, after months of speculation and long wait. The iPhone 6 is finally here and it's the best iPhone yet. The iPhone 6 is packed with great new features as apple attempt to position itself as a leader in the congested and competitive race, for the next smartphone in your pocket.

Lets Take A Closer Look To See What Apple As Brought To The Table With It's New iPhone

1. Increase In Screen Size 4.7inches

The First thing you probably going to notice about the iPhone 6 is it's bigger screen. At 4.7inches it is larger than previous iPhones, packaged with impressing engineering works and doesn't feel that much larger in your hands. The screen makes watching video's, playing games and grabbing webpages much easier than ever and the goods news is along with the increase screen size Apple as also beefed Up the resolution so the display remains as sharp and clear.

2. WiFi Calling


Wifi calling is a clever way that the iPhone 6 as made a impact on your voice calls, available from EE later this year. Its allows you to make and receive crystal clear phone calls through your wifi network when you are in range, giving you a better experience and helping you solve those coverage worries when you're indoors.

3. Super-Fast 4G

The iPhone 6 is 4G capable giving you access to world fastest network speeds, not only do websites load faster, downloads are almost instant. You can stream movies and more. The iPhone 6 4G features supports LTE which offers speeds of upto 150Mbps over 200 bands and 200 networks worldwide.

4. Voice Over LTE

The iPhone 6 4G features don't just end with super fast internet and download speed, it also include the all new Voice Over LTE. Its uses the 4G network to receive your phone calls, making your voice call sound clearer than ever before.

5. Super Fast Processor ( A8)


The brandnew A8 processor is dual core 64bit architecture makes apps and games to open and run faster than ever before and the brandnew iOS 8 operating systems runs beautiful as well. Also not only does the Apple iPhone 6 A8 processor powerful but it is also smaller, which makes it 50% more power efficient

6. Better Games

The iPhone 6 has a lovely new screen so a better way of making use of all this new display is by playing the latest games on it. The iPhone 6 A8 processors isn't just the only brain behind the phone, it also handles graphics as well, Apple with a 50% improvement in graphics performance better than the iPhone 5s. Apple iOS 8 also improves the way the games can run, so look forward to more beautiful and graphically impressive titles from the iPhone 6.

7. Improved Camera

Upgrades to the camera include the wider angle camera view upgarde through Apple new focus system giving you a more impressive snaps. A better front camera giving you a adorable selfie with clarity than ever before.

8. Slow Motion And Time Lapse

One of the coolest feature of the iPhone 6 is the ability to shot films in slow motion with a 240 FPS (Frame Per Seconds) it's makes your slow motion video impressive. It's also equipped with a new time lapse mode

9. Apple Pay

One of the really interesting addition to the iPhone 6 is the Apple Pay, if it live upto apple's policies you will soon be able to leave you wallets at home and just bring your iPhone 6 out. Apple pay lets you Epay for things by just tapping you phone to contact-less payment devices.

Finally..... 10 . Keep Healthy With The iPhone 6 

iPhone 6 comes with a number of apps and sensors to help you monitor your health. It can keep a track of your calories intake and physical activities and a lot more.

Making the iPhone 6 an amazing coach.

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How To Reset Or Recover Forgotten Blogger Password

Have you been having problem logging into your blogger account simply because you've forgotten your password, blog address or the email you used in registering. Blogger platform is well designed to handle the task,  helping you recover your login email or forgotten password.

Blogger offer an account recovery tool which is available to everyone and you can use to resolve related problems on your own.

To Recover your forgotten blogger blog email or password simply goto

To Recover Username Or Email

if it's your signup email you've forgotten simply enter your blogger address in the first column as show in the image above

if it is also your password, enter your blogger address and follow the instruction

Resetting Password

Use the column provider below to reset password and follow the instruction..

That's all you need to do... Keep enjoying blogging.

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Facts About Making Money Online

Everyday day we stumble upon several ads, pages and websites claiming to have legitimate ways of getting rich quick working online.

The truth is there's no TRUE get rich quick online program or jobs, they are just only trying to make money deceiving you. They are becoming more popular lately because a lot of people are seeking for a better life and wants it quick.

There is NOTHING LIKE GET RICH QUICK ONLINE program but there is ONLINE BUSINESS IDEAS, they take time to grow gradually. If you're diligent and consistent you will grow is such a short time frame and eventually end up making earns meet online just like i do. 

Basic requirement and facts about making money online

i. A personal computer with durable backup battery life, High Speed internet access and a mobile phone.

ii. A little capital is required to setup your new online business. A personal computer, internet access and some software is paramount.

iii. Get your orientation right, this not a get rich program and you are not going to make million overnight. A lot of handwork, sleepless night of doing research and learning new ideas is required. Remember you rip what you sow

iv. You don't have to be a web programmer or a certified web developer to make money online. Basic skills in html, desktop publishing and graphics design can always be acquired online, search the internet. If you have any problem or you're shucked trying to establish an idea you can always hire me at little or no cost.

v. Create a physical or a digital product and sell online. You can also render an online service and make money out of it online. A lot of user's online are looking for various empowerment product, while some are seeking for someone they can hire to help develop an idea.

vi. Setup your own schedule be diligent and consistent with your work and time frame. Exercise patient and watch things change progressively.

Note: what works for me might not work for you.

vii. Set Goals and Target, be focus and define what you really want to invest your time developing. Don't just be everywhere, let your focus be defined. If you're going to be blogging and selling products make sure you focus on that alone.

Finally: Make sure you're always conscious and never fall for overwhelming offer's online. They are probably just trying to rip you off and not offer anything reasonable.

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What's your own opinion?

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