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iPhone Battery life

iPhone Battery life

Apple iPhone battery life span is incredibly amazing compared to other available smart phones. The average iPhone battery life when fully charged and on average use with 3G will works for good 12hours without the need to charge over and over again. I do not see the use of an iPhone battery extender or an iPhone external battery. iPhone battery replacement can be easily carried out by a trained technician once you start noticing a drop in usage. iPhone iOS comes with a grate feature under setting which you can use to monitor your iPhone battery usage, time since last full charge and Standby Time. Battery management lets you closely monitor your battery life cycle so you easily detect if your iPhone battery life span has started declining.

Goto General >> Usage  >>

Under This Same Option You Can Also Set Your iPhone Battery To Display In Percentage Or Not.

Apple iPhone Comes With Different Batteries, i will classify them one by one below from The First Generation iPhone To The Latest.

1st Generation iPhone Battery Standby, Close To 250hours

Total Call Receiving Time Close To 8hours
   Playing Music Alone Clost To 24hours 

iPhone 3G Battery Standby, Close To 300hours

Total Call Receiving Time Close To 10hours
   Playing Music Alone Close To 24hours 

iPhone 3GS Battery Standby, Close To 300hours

Total Call Receiving Time Close To 12hours On 2G Network, 5Hours 3G
   Playing Music Alone Close To 30hours 

iPhone 4 Battery Standby, Close To 300hours 2G & 3G

Total Call Receiving Time Close To 14hours On 2G Network, 7Hours 3G
   Playing Music Alone Close To 40hours

iPhone 4s Battery Standby, Close To 200hours 2G & 3G

Comes With A Non-Removable Battery Li-Po 1432 mAh
Total Call Receiving Time Close To 14hours On 2G Network, 8Hours 3G
   Playing Music Alone Close To 40hours 

iPhone 5 Battery Standby, Close To 225hours 2G&3G

Total Call Receiving Time Close To 8hours On 2G Network, 8Hours 3G
   Playing Music Alone Close To 40hours

iPhone 5s Battery Standby, Close To 250hours 2G & 3G

Comes With A Non-Removable Battery Li-Po 1432 mAh
Total Call Receiving Time Close To 10hours On 2G Network, 10Hours 3G
   Playing Music Alone Close To 40hours

iPhone 5c Battery Standby, Close To 250hours 2G & 3G

Comes With A Non-Removable Battery Li-Po 1432 mAh
Total Call Receiving Time Close To 10hours On 2G Network, 10Hours 3G
   Playing Music Alone Close To 40hours


Its has come to my notice that a lot of user's that have just upgraded that iPhone 4 OS to iOS 7 are complaining that there battery now drain faster. The Solution to battery draining faster after upgrade to iOS 7 is so simple.

First Step : Simply Disable Background Refresh

 You Can also Disable - Location Aids, Popular Near Me, Traffic and Setting Time Zone.


That's All You Need, Your Should Now Notice A Increase In Your Battery Standby And Talk Time On iOS 7.

What's your opinion?
Using MTN Night Plan 4.5gig For 24hrs Day And Night

Using MTN Night Plan 4.5gig For 24hrs Day And Night

Using The MTN Night Plan 4.5gig For 24hours Is Now Made Easy Without Any Additional software or Ip Address Configs. The MTN Night plan bundle is currently one of the cheapest plan in Nigeria, At Only 2500Naira for 4.5gig, isn't That Good-news? Officially The MTN Night Plan Now Comes With A 1.5gig Bonus Available For Use During The Day And Once You've Exhausted The 1.5gig Night Plan Bonus You're Left With 3gig Which Is Only Usable At Night (9pm - 6am).
    The Good News Is That I've Been Using The MTN Night Plan Together With The Bonus For 24hours Without Any Timing Restriction. I use the MTN Night Plan On My iPhone, Android Tab and iPad, It Works For Me Night And Day Until My MTN 4.5gig Usable Data Is Exhausted. You too can do this and it very simply to tweak.

How To Make MTN 4.5gig Night Plan Work For 24Hours On iPhone, iPad, Android Phones And Any other Compatible Device.


The Simply Truth is This Tweak Is Something So Easy To Understand, Everyone Can Enjoy This Across All Devices For 24hours Without Having Network Interruption.

To Get Started Simply Recharge With N2500

Dial *102# or Send 102 to 131

MTN Will Send Your A Confirmation Message And Also Notify You About Your Added 1.5gig Bonus.

Note: 1.5gig bonus is only valid for 24hours and you will be able to browse without tweaking until u've exhausted your 1.5gig bonus.
 How To Check Your Data Bundle - Simply SEND 2 To 131 to monitor Your Usage.

Here is The Tweak, To Enable The Night Plan Work For 24hours After Exhausting The 1.5Gig Night Plan Day Time Bonus.

It is A Simple As ABC

Simply Make Sure Your Device/Phone Doesn't Go OFF or Restart within The Hours Of 6am till 9pm Daily And Your Data Service Is Enabled, this way you will be able to Use the MTN Nigeria Night For 24hours.

Do's And Don't

Do not restart your phone/Device 6am Till 9pm And Data Service Must Be Enabled

Feel Free To Tether To Your Computer Using Your USB or Wifi

Do Not Put Device In Airplane Mode

Always Make Sure Your Device Is Well Charged And Will Be Turned ON always 6am till 9pm

You're Allowed To Restart Device Only From 9pm Till 5: 55am (default Night Plan Time)

I Don't Have Issues With Any Of This Conditions Because My Apple Devices Battery Life IS ALways Sufficient Enough To Run 15hours On Standby Without Charging, i.e i only charge my device one daily.

Share Your Own Experience As Comments And Let Share Ideas Together.  Remember, Together We Can Make Things Work Better And Cheaper.
Micro And Nano Sim Cards

Micro And Nano Sim Cards

Micro and nano sim card are readily available for Smartphones and tablets thats requires the use of a Micro or a nano sim card. Micro sim cards are smaller sim cards manufactured to be used by smartphones like iPhone 4, iPads and Samsung Galaxy tabs. Nano sim cards are used by new generation smartphones and tabs like the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and Latest Samsung Smartphones.


Micro Sim Cards can be easily crafted as long as you understand the pattern and it's size. Personally. whenever i need a micro sim card i usually save myself the stress of going to buy a micro sim card, i simply cut it out myself using a scissors. Phone operators makes use of the device below to cut out a micro sim card.


Unlike the Micro simcard that we usually cut out using scissors, i can't do that with a nano sim card, it size is very small and there's no room for error. Although i have been successful once cutting out a nano sim card for my iPhone 5 but i didn't risk it anymore. A nano sim card is available at your respective operators work center and it's usually free to acquire.

Getting Nano Sim From Carrier

I got my nano sim card for my iPad mini from Airtel for free but was asked to activate a data bundle immediately by subscribing for any data plan plan of my choice.
It was a different case with MTN, to get MTN nano sim card you will have to pay 250Naira and you get a bonus of 100 airtime on it.
What was you own experience with your carrier? Let Share our experience 

How To Share MTN Nigeria Data Plan With Anyone

How To Share MTN Nigeria Data Plan With Anyone

Sharing of Internet data plan as never been this easy, the introduction of Data sharing by Globacom in 2013 and now MTN Nigeria as made the sharing of a single data plan between family and friends easy and flexible.
Personally i now successfully share my monthly, weekly or daily  data plan with unto five different individuals on MTN Nigeria anywhere in Nigeria. The funniest thing is that i don't have to inform friends they just notice they are able to browse for free without actually knowing i added them up on my single data plan.

The Question Now Is , How Do I Share My MTN Data Plan

How To Share MTN Nigeria Data Plan

Step 1. For sharing Your Active MTN data plan with Anyone on MTN Network

You Need to Register The Service By Text  Dialing For Simple Dialing  *131*2*1#  or REG - 131, you will be assigned a code which you must change to your own desired data sharing code.

To Change Your MTN Data Sharing Code Simply Text "" Change OLD_PIN  NEW_PIN NEW_PIN to 131.

Step 2

Dial * 131#

1. My Data Plans
2. Data Share
3.Gifting Data
4.Check data bundle balance 
6. Happy Hour Optout
7.Blackberry Plan and 8. Exit

Above are the available Options, For Data Sharing Simply Reply By Select ( 2 ) Add Be

To Add New Beneficiary Select 2 again

Now Enter the Desired Phone Number You Wish To Share Your Data With

After Successfully Adding Your Desired Beneficiary you can now share data to them.
Simply Dial *131#  >> Select 2 for Data Share >> Select 3 To enable data Sharing to Store Beneficiary.

For Further Instruction Simply Read And Follow Available Prompt Under Ussd command *131# to explore more available options.
Time Warner Cable High Speed Internet Plans & Packages

Time Warner Cable High Speed Internet Plans & Packages

Time Warner Cable New York High Speed Internet Plans and Packages Description

Time Warner Cable $14.99 Everyday Internet Plan

MAx Upload Speed 2Mbps
Max Download Speed 1Mbps 
Time Warner Cable $14.99 Internet Service Plan Validity Period: 30days

Time Warner Cable $29.99 Basic Internet Plan
MAx Upload Speed 3Mbps
Max Download Speed 1Mbps 
Time Warner Cable $29.99 per Month x12 Internet Service Plan

Time Warner Cable $34.99 Standard Internet Plan

MAx Upload Speed 1Mbps
Max Download Speed 15Mbps 
Time Warner Cable $34.99 per Month x12 Internet Service Plan
Included is TWC Wifi Hotspot

Time Warner Cable $44.99 Basic Internet Plan

MAx Upload Speed 2Mbps
Max Download Speed 20Mbps 
Time Warner Cable $44.99 per Month x12 Internet Service Plan
Included is TWC Wifi Hotspot

Time Warner Cable $44.99 Turbo Internet Plan

MAx Upload Speed 2Mbps
Max Download Speed 20Mbps 
Time Warner Cable $44.99 per Month x12 Internet Service Plan
Included is TWC Wifi Hotspot

Time Warner Cable $54.99 Turbo Internet Plan

MAx Upload Speed 5Mbps
Max Download Speed 30Mbps 
Time Warner Cable $44.99 per Month x12 Internet Service Plan
Included Free Indoor Wifi Hotspot

Time Warner Cable $54.99 Turbo Internet Plan

MAx Upload Speed 5Mbps
Max Download Speed 30Mbps 
Time Warner Cable $44.99 per Month x12 Internet Service Plan
Included Free Indoor Wifi Hotspot

Time Warner Cable $64.99 Ultimate Internet Plan

MAx Upload Speed 5Mbps
Max Download Speed 50Mbps 
Time Warner Cable $64.99 per Month x12 Internet Service Plan
Included Free Indoor Wifi Hotspot

Go To Timewarnercable Website More Detail Info.
WordPress to Set Up Your Website Seamlessly

WordPress to Set Up Your Website Seamlessly

When you are planning to have your website (a good decision apparently), there are so many factors to keep in mind. While there is no dearth of the frameworks and platforms that you can resort to create your website, with the hope that you choose that one which suits you the best.

The blogging mill continues to be assailed by new blogs everyday and you need a mix of too many things to make your blog standout by creating its own space. While your writing skills and your expertise over the topics you are writing for will help you greatly, it is the content management system you choose that will actually give you the platform to showcase those skills and that level of expertise in that particular field.
Among all the CMSs available for your consideration, when it comes down to choosing one, most will recommend you WordPress, and for a lot of valid reasons. These reasons are what make WordPress so popular and so sought-after among the blogger community. And if you are unable to make your mind up, let’s give you an insight on what you can gain once you host your blog on WordPress.

It is Amazingly Easy to Manage Content


WordPress gives you all sort of freedom with the content on your website. It is not one of those platforms that will force you to write lengthy codes whenever you update or edit the content. For non coders, even HTML is a language with enough complications. They won’t really like to tangle themselves up with codes that are incomprehensible to them. This is where WordPress comes to rescue. In WordPress, managing or editing content is as easy as editing your content in a Word document. There are two interfaces – one is visual and the other is HTML. If you don’t know HTML, you don’t need to bother yourself with that tab. Just go to the Visual interface and make all the edits you want to right there, and you are good to go.

Editing Image is Not Troublesome

There are several instances when you realize that in a post, you might need to scale an image in order to reduce the size of the post or in case when you feel the image is towering over the content. Now, in an HTML powered website, this would again involve certain intricacies. But with WordPress, you simply have to go the media gallery, set the size of the image to a reduced pixel size, and the image gets scaled.

The Plugins

WordPress also makes a boast of an impressive line of plugins that make sure that as and when you need to add a feature which your theme does not have initially, you can install a plugin for that and add it accordingly. So whether you wish to install a plugin for adding social media functionality to your website, or you wish to add a feature that lets you manage your ad code placement in a more enhanced manner, you can find a plugin for that. Also, certain features optimizing your website for a festive season, like for Christmas, becomes easier with these plugins. There are several plugins available on Internet that add a snow effect on your website. With some, you can add a Christmas branch to the site while some can be installed for displaying lights at the top of the page. These plugins can be easily searched and installed and a huge array of them comes absolutely free of cost.
WordPress is a massively useful platform. Set your website up on WordPress and let your online presence leap.

Guest Post Written By Peter Milar Xicom Technonologies, A Web development Expert, ASP.Net Developer
Micromax Bolt A24 – The Multilingual Phone

Micromax Bolt A24 – The Multilingual Phone

The modern era is fully digitized and thus, the current generation is very much inclined on innovative gadgets. The marketplace is also flooded with various innovative, fast and multi-functional mobile devices, among which the smartphones are probably the most popular.
MicroMax Bolt A24

A smartphone considered very handy and practical in daily usage than the other advanced mobile devices, as it packs in many things into the most essential gadget, mobile phone. The smartphone is nothing but essentially a mobile phone, but it is much more advanced in terms of computing and networking capabilities as compared against a regular mobile phone. Even some time back, the smartphones used to typically include the features such as PDA, a functional digital camera, an MP3 or MP4 music player and GPS connectivity. However, such features are now found on most of the regular mobile phones of the recent times. The most recent smartphones have thus graduated to much more advanced and innovative features apart from all the regular ones. A good, latest smartphone carries mind blowing features such as hand gesture detection, advanced powerful camera, eye movement detection, full web browsing capabilities, Bluetooth and wifi connectivity, tons of various cool integrated mobile applications and additional accessories.

The Indian market favors those devices that offer high capabilities and are light on the pocket. Many mobile phone companies are thus offering great cost effective smart phones for the general mass market of India. One such company is Micromax, a very popular mobile brand that is highly favored for its range of cost effective mobile phones that offer lots of cool features and high-tech capabilities.

Micromax has recently launched a great budget smartphone, dubbed as the Bolt A24. The company has now listed this new low cost smartphone on the company’s official website as well.

The new Micromax Bolt A24 is an first and foremost a handy, extremely cost effective and functional smartphone that is meant to suit the budget of most of the middle class Indian mobile phone consumers. The key feature of this phone is that it meant for the great diversified, multilingual country like India. The device caters to the needs of the people of the various regions of the country and supports 20 regional languages that include Bengali, Hindi, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Manipuri, Odia, Konkani, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, etc. This indeed a great feature for a phone that meant for general populace of India, who might not be very comfortable with just English as a language.

Operating System:

The Micromax Bolt A24 powered by Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) operating system. Under the hood, it gets a 1-GHz Dual Core A5 Processor and packs in 256 MB of RAM. This low cost Android smartphone supports dual SIM (both GSM) device. Being a budget phone, the Bolt A24 thus offers good specifications that are required for a practical smartphone.


The 2.8” Bolt A24 gets a TFT Capacitive Touchscreen with a screen resolution 240x320 pixels, though the display is not big enough for a smart phone this is great considering all the features it packs in with such a small price tag. The display is also pretty nice and sharp and offers good responsive touch functionality to offer quick browsing and texting.


The Micromax Bolt A24 has a 100MB in-built memory. However, this has the capability of being expanded to up to 16 GB and obviously comes with microSD slot.


To offer a very affordable price tag, the Bolt A24 compromises on the camera front. It packs in a low 0.3 Megapixel primary camera with video recording capability. The good thing is that it also comes with an in-built flash to facilitate capturing good images even in low light conditions. Nevertheless, being a super budget smartphone, it does not provide any front camera to take Selfy images and for video chats.


The Micromax Bolt A24 offers the regular touchpad for all your texting requirements. Not to mention, no QWERTY key pad comes along with this low cost phone to cater to the requirements of the typing geeks.


The Micromax Bolt A24 comes along with all the standard connectivity options that come on most of the smartphones. It offers the connectivity options including that of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPRS, Micro-USB, and EDGE. However, it is to note that the Bolt A24 does not offer the advantage of 3G connectivity.


The new Micromax Bolt A24 budget smartphone offers the advantage of several preloaded third party mobile applications. The smartphone packs in many preloaded apps including the Bubble X Slice, Opera Mini, Hike, M!Live and many more. It thus offers good applications for the users to take full advantage of.


The Bolt A24 packs in a Li-Ion Battery in its compact and light body. The company claims that the smartphone can offer up to 4 hours of talktime as well an impressive up to 150 hours of standby time. Thus, even if you use this smartphone to browse and chat, expect it to deliver a whole day of work and play before you need to replenish its battery pack.


Now, for the most important and attractive part of the new Micromax Bolt A24 smartphone. This is a truly budget phone, and that too a multifunctional, and a multilingual smartphone. It is available for as small a price as Rs. 2999 and one can buy it through many e-commerce portals.


The new Micromax Bolt A24 smartphone is a genuine budget phone that offers the advantages of a good functional smartphone to the general Indian consumers without burning a hole in their pockets. At the meager price tag of Rs. 2999, even a few years back, people could get the very basic mobile phone albeit with a tiny screen without even color display. However, now things have changed a great deal, and thanks to the companies such as Micromax, that a cool, handy and multi-lingual smartphone like the Bolt A24 is now available at such a great affordable price tag.

Guest Post By written by Kundan Kumar, a technology oriented person. He Works with "" 91mobiles a unique technology writer.

Etisalat Blackberry 10 Data Bundle And Activation Code

Etisalat Blackberry 10 Data Bundle And Activation Code

Etisalat Nigeria New Blackberry 10 Subscription plan is one of the fastest and most efficient Blackberry plan in Nigeria today. The new plan let you access your Blackberry messenger even without active data plan, this because your blackberry 10 internet service is not billed only from your active data plan. The new blackberry 10 comes with a unique browser alongside intelligent details.

Etisalat Nigeria Blackberry 10 Monthly Plan

Blackberry 10 Lite And Unlimited BBM  260MB  Cost N1000
Activation Code *599*2#.  For Sms Activation Text mlite to 399

Blackberry 10 Mid Plan WIth Unlimited BBM 500MB Cost N1,500
Activation Code *599*3#. For Sms Activation Text MMid to 399

Blackberry 10 Max Plan with Unlimited BBM 1536MB Cost N3,000
Code *599*4# Or Via Sms Send MMax to 399.

Etisalat Nigeria Blackberry 10 Weekly Data Bundle Plan And Activation Code

Blackberry 10 Lite And Unlimited BBM  70MB  Cost N350
Activation Code *599*2*1#.  For Sms Activation Text wlite to 399

Blackberry 10 Mid Plan WIth Unlimited BBM 125MB Cost N550
Activation Code *599*3*1#. For Sms Activation Text WMid to 399

Blackberry 10 Max Plan with Unlimited BBM 360MB Cost N1,100
Code *599*8# Or Via Sms Send WMax to 399.

Etisalat Nigeria Blackberry 10 Daily Data Bundle Plan And Activation Code

Blackberry 10 Lite And Unlimited BBM  10MB  Cost N70
Activation Code *599*2*2#.  For Sms Activation Text dlite to 399

Blackberry 10 Mid Plan WIth Unlimited BBM 125MB Cost N100
Activation Code *599*3*2#. For Sms Activation Text DMid to 399

Blackberry 10 Max Plan with Unlimited BBM 50MB Cost N200
Code *599*7# Or Via Sms Send DMax to 399.
OLX Nigeria Lets You Buy And Sell Anything Online

OLX Nigeria Lets You Buy And Sell Anything Online

Making money has never been this easy, Olx Nigeria is the trending solution. Olx Nigeria is the fastest growing online free classified ad website in Nigeria, with several sales options ranging from real estate, vehicles, personals and mobile sales. 
You can never go wrong with OLX classified Ads.

What I Can Sell On OLX?

Olx let you place a free ad sale on virtually anything marketable. All you need to do, just register On, take a pic of the product you want to sell, upload it and you're done. Potential buyers will contact you within minutes depending on how marketable the product you've advertised.

OLX lets you takes charge of your buying, selling community activity.
Mtn Xtra Time Airtime Loan

Mtn Xtra Time Airtime Loan

Mtn Nigeria Finally Launches MTN Extra Times, a product which other network in Nigeria lauched over a years now. The new MTN Xtra time let you borrow airtime and repay once you recharge and it's only available for those few subscriber's eligible.

MTN Nigeria Xtra time airtime credit loans are automatically repaid and attracts a 10percent charge. Once a recharge request is made you will be credited with the amount requested including a negative 10percent charge. Eg if you requested N200 Mtn Nigeria will only give you a credit load of only 180Naira.

MTN airtime load is automatically deducted from subsequent airtime recharge and it's automatic. Borrowed airtime must be fully paid back before you can borrow another.

keep Talking With The New MTN Xtra Time Airtime loan

Simple Dial *606# and follow the On-screen instruction
HTC One 2014 Review Rumors

HTC One 2014 Review Rumors

The HTC One follow up is coming for quickly, supposing the iPhone 6 is gone get a little more junk in the trunk and get a little bigger, unlocked phone may be getting way cheaper and the Samsung Galaxy s5 is coming around very soon.

Let Start with the follow up to my favorite phone of 2010 the HTC ONE, although i kinda wish they call it HTC 2. We are hearing they gonna call it just HTC ONE again, so according to the lead case design by Dickson we are seeing a couple of new things.

The Case first future a larger cut out, than the standard last year HTC ONE. We are guessing where the camera is gonna sit with two more unexplainable holes top of the device.

So we are not sure what does holes represent, but the obvious and proberbly most logical bet are either a small finger print scanner, a speaker or maybe once one for microphone.

But HTC as been twing with the idea of a finger print scanner, like the one of the HTC ONE MAX
It obvious that the trend will follow up each other... More Rumor Updates in the future will follow up on this particular post
Samsung Galaxy s5 Release Rumors

Samsung Galaxy s5 Release Rumors

Today we  bringing you latest news about the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5, Some point towards the HD Screen which will give the S5 an eye watering resolution 2560 by 4040. In terms of the Samsung Galaxy S5 size rumor reports seems to agree on 5.2inches but its very unlikely there will be curve or flexibility like the recent galaxy round and the lg g flex.

Can we expect a 64bit processor for the new Galaxy s5 ? Well back in November an aim of executives suggested that Samsung is looking to improve on there cpu features in the year  2014. And after Apple made 64bits in there 5S in 2013, Samsung wont wanna hang around for too long.

We don't hate the plastic design of the S4, but when you look at the like of the iPhone 5s and HTC one the Samsung S4 is clearly lacking behind.

The Samsung s5 might be designed with a combination of aluminum and have a full leather look at like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Perhaps not the full leather jacket some were hoping but we should have at least something a bit more premium feeling.

We have heard rumors that the Samsung S5 will launch with the new Samsung OS but we highly doubt it. Unless Samsung is planning to ready for the stress behind that, We are expecting the Samsung Galaxy s5 to arrive running the good old Android.

Lastly we expect the cameras to get and Upgrade with most rumors pointing towards a 16Megapixel camera with optical stabilization.

Advancenaira Group will keep a close eye on the Samsung Galaxy s5, so if you want to stay updated be sure to stay right here with us..
iPhone 5s Smartphone Review

iPhone 5s Smartphone Review

Whats Up Guyz, This is not the first iPhone Review and Probably wont be the last, sometimes when you use a device for sometimes longer than the typical review period for tech reviewers, you get a better sense of what you like the device for and what you dont. Overall you get a general idea of how well you will like to use it and that is what this particular review is all about.

This iPhone 5S review is from perspective of a person who uses a lot of google services, I've done reviews about iOS before, believe me this my first review iPhone Review. This Review took me like seven different iPhones to actually do this particular review, without much further stories let get started with this...

This Is The iPhone 5s In Space Grey

It Comes In Three Colors but the black is my favourite, the iPhone 5s Space Grey is just as familiar as the rest of the iPhone. It's Running Apple iPhone iOS 7, it has that familiar array of icons like every other iPhone. It is just as small in fact let me start by saying YES, am aware that the iPhone looks very small in our hands and that's because it is small in my hands. The Samsung Galaxy is a note that i've been using for some times now, it's a little bit bigger than an average phone for most people and it has a 5.7inch display. To me it doesn't feel all that extreme, but a smaller but common option that you will probably see my frequently is the Samsung galaxy s4. The Samsung galaxy S4 is a pretty popular phone, it has a 5inch display and has a same general look to it as a galaxy note 3 but it takes up space and involves reaching to the corner of it less. But even smaller than that is the Motorola x, which is one of my favorite devices right now and it is very compact with a 4.7inch display into a body that is not much bigger that the iPhone, so i can grip the whole thing.

Back to my point, all this mentioned phone starts to look big when you compare them to the iPhone 5s, which has a 4inch display so its easily the smallest of the displays on any flagship by any company right now.
The iPhone 5s is also one of the most compact mobile devices no doubt, which is something apple is really proud of in the phone. Personally i don't blame them, the iPhone 5s is really light to hold and you can reach all corner of display with just one hand, although i  think people can actually do that on a 4.5inch display too. But this is also one of the most fragile feeling phone out there, its not actually fragile it is really extremely well built. it is made out of premium materials like the HTC ONE, it got metal in it and it very tightly put together no quicken or any twisting.

The Lack of any curves plus the glass at the back like the nexus 4, makes it feel like i better not drop this device, like if i drop it from few inches up it feels like it very delicate and vulnerable to scratches and i should be putting it in a case or something.


There's some couple of thing about the battery in this device, like we say 1570mAh battery which is pretty small, in fact this entire iPhone 5s is about the same size with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Battery which is over 3000mAh. So with this having half the battery size as compared to a Samsung galaxy note 3 has it pros and cons.

Pros, Charges Very Quickly

Cons, Doesn't last as long as any other smartphones our there with a larger battery

Standby time are excellent on the iPhone, i could goto sleep with an iPhone having a 100% battery and not charge and wake with 97% of charge left which is very good. An Android with similar battery might be at 80% when you wakeup, that's very cool because iOS takes good advantage of what it should be closing in background while the device is sleeping.

The iPhone 5s doesn't have the best battery life during usage, not even as good as the iPhone 5, i will say 5% worse than the iPhone 5. Don't get worried the iPhone 5s still got about the same battery life you would expect from an iPhone, everything about the Hardware is very well crafted. we saw this in the iPhone 5 too, it has solid aluminum at the sides and the back, it has awesome bottoms that are precisely crafted so that they don't wobble at all which is nice.

Volume indicator up and down, tampered edges are angled, headphone jack and the lighten port at the bottom and a precisely sharped speaker button of the iPhone.

There's something i noticed about the speaker at the bottom of the iPhone, it actually has two speaker drill at the bottom which looks great and makes it look lyk a stereo speaker. unfortunately it has only a single drive and when you cover up the left hand side you will hear virtually no change in the sound because the right hand side of iPhone 5s speakers actually echo's to the left. If you cover up the right side you will completely mute the speakers, give a trial if you got one now.

The iPhone 5s has a familiar look on the outside, Let take a quick look on the inside?

Let see the spec sheet of the iPhone 5s

In conclusion the iPhone 5s is smartphone for everyone.. Please drop comment and views

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