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Apple Latest iOS 8 wwdc 2014

Apple Latest iOS 8 wwdc 2014

Apple latest iOS 8 features and release date wwdc 2014 has officially kicked off bringing us our frist glimpse of Apple Latest Mobile Operating iOS, the iOS 8. iOS 8 comes with a lot of tweaks for both iPhone and iPad User's building on the more fluid intuitive experience introduced by Apple on iOS 7 to bring greater continuity across all devices.

 Changes On New Notification Center On Apple iOS 8 

The New notification centre on the latest apple iOS 8 has been refined for a start giving you more of the information you need at a start with just a swipe of a finger from the top down.

iOS 8 Introduction Of Active Notification

The latest active notification allows users to reply messages and alert within other apps, third party widgets are now supported within the notification center.

Improved SPot light On iOS 8

For example typing  in a place, on the latest Spot Light On iOS 8 might bring up a page from Wikipedia or map direction, rather than the conventional straight direct result on apple iOS 7

iOS 8 Mail Made More User Friendly

By Simply Swiping on a message will let you flag the colour code indicator, mark as "read" or "delete " it all together.
iOS 8 lets you access messages in your inbox while you're actually accessing your email

Apple iOS 8 HealthKit

Apple showed off healthkit which acts as a new hub for all your health related apps and fitness info. The health app is basically what we expected it to be, it gathers all your health data from third party devices and shares it with your iOS.

New Photosmart For iOS 8

The new photosmart makes sure photos are accessible across all your devices. This simply means if something terrible to happen to your iPhone or iPad your beautiful pictures won't be lost.

More Interliigent Photo Editing Feature

This also means that with simple tweaks you have more overall improved pictures without having to fav around with heavy settings. The coolest thing about photosmart on apple latest  iOS 8 is that edited pictures are also saved across all devices on both iPad and iPhone, it doesn't matter where you edited them it takes effect across all devices, thanks to iOS 8 iCloud photo editing access.

iOS 8 Messaging Makes More Sense

You can now set "Do Not Disturb Alert" for group messages and participant can back out of threads whenever they choose, you can share your location with a friend as well and more easily send a voice or video message

Quick Type Keyboard On iOS 8

A new quick type keyboard will be making its way as well, featuring better input prediction and support a huge range of native languages. iOS 8 supports third-party software's including swift-key.

Developer will be getting there hands on iOS 8 from today, as usual user's will have to wait a little longer before getting stocked into apple's latest OS.


Release Date Of iOS 8

Official roll out of Apple Latest iOS 8 for User's is expected around Autumn, for more information on iOS 8 and wwdc2014 be sure to stay with us right here on Advancenaira.
How To Format Any Android Phone

How To Format Any Android Phone

Simple Way To Format Or Factory Reset Any Android Smartphone When Needed. Android Smartphones are more or less like our normal personal computers and they sometimes malfunction due to error in installation, operating system malfunction or storage error. A factory reset, restore or format is needed to restore back to factory settings, hence removing all software related errors. Please note that formatting cannot correct hardware related error, Android format only help correct software errors by restoring Android device operating system back to manufacturer default.

 How To Format, Factory Reset Or Restore Android Smartphones

Note: make sure your battery is well charged before proceeding with Android Format, make sure you have at least 65% charge of battery. 

Step 1. Got To Setting >> Privacy 

Step 2: Select Backup Data And Also Select Automatic Restore

Step 3:  Warning Warning Warning !!!! All Data On Device Will Be Lost After Renewal, If You Have Important Information On Device Please Backup Appropriately ...

 >>    Proceed By Selecting >> Factory Data Reset >>

Step 4: Note: Before you can perform a successful Factory Reset On Your Android Device All Data On External Storage Device ( Memory Card ) will all be lost. I advise you understand properly before proceeding, so you don't end up loosing important information. Your Device will require your pattern lock to proceed with the reset only if your device is password protected.

Step 5: Final Step, Select erase everything

Wait and watch your device, the device will reboot after few minutes and return to manufacturer settings. Easy way to format your Android Device.
Apple iOS 8 Top 10 New Features

Apple iOS 8 Top 10 New Features

Apple iOS 8 new features brings changes both large and small to apple latest iOS, if your struggling to keep up with everything that's new then don't then be worried cause we've compelled the list of the top 10 iOS 8 features you need to know about.

Top 10 iOS 8 new features you need to know about

Interactive Notification


Instead of forcing you to exit application before you check notifications, interactive application in iOS 8 now allows you to check and reply messages without exiting the app. A quick swipe displays displays your notification, a text message field for ams messages and so on

Spot Light Search Now Like Siri

The spot light search has taking a siri like flavor, meaning in addition to just searching the content of your phone, it can also look for point of interest such as searching the app store, iTunes, cinema listing and anything else you might be looking for. Now when a text is sent to you, you will be able to reply on both iPad and Mac As Well.

Group notification as been given a major update allowing to add and remove people from active conversations, share your location, see images at the in thread and best of all tun on do not disturb if things get rough.

In-LIne Voice And Video Messaging

On of the new most interesting new features is in-line voice and video messaging, which allows you to send a quick voice or video clip which self destruct snap shot style at a time you choose.

Saying Hey Siri will now activate apple's voice system, siri now has 22 new dictation languages support.

Family Sharing
Family sharing now lets you share your iTunes and other media with up to six family members and comes with multiple alert if the kids try to spend too much on in-games purchases

AirDrop On iOS Now Works With MAC

Its not called Health book and iwatch is not coming anytime soon, rumored health app is exactly what were expecting. Away from third-party application such as fuel bands to share health data with your iOS devices.  Apps store will access health data you get an explicit permission to use. Hopefully this one will attract a more third-party support than passbook did. If this is as good as it looks its going to be amazing, with continuity your iOS devices and Mac will know where your devices are, what they are doing and also switch devices

For example you can start writing email from your iPhone and finish it on your Mac, or a web you've been looking on your Mac Safari and see it on iPad, Also use Mac as a speaker phone for your iPhone.

Amazing Keyboard

We've seen predicted typing on other platform of course, but apple's version is context aware, this means if you're replying to a message suggesting movie or dinner? your typing suggestion will include dinner and movie. iOS 8 will also at long last support third-party keyboard.

Mail New Gestures

Mail also get new gestures that makes mail that much easier, you can mark as read, unread, delete and flag messages with just a swipe of a finger. if you want to refer to other message while composing mail, you can swipe down to browse your email and then swipe back up to get you wiring

New HomeKit Api

The the new home kit api is designed to make the new iOS the hub for all kind of smart equipment, instead of multiple apps doing there own thing apple has created a platform for locks, light, camera's doors plus hand switches that groups devices together and controls them via siri.

Eg like telling siri, Time To Sleep - it will turnoff the lights, aim the alarm and kill the TV. If home kits is widely supported it could turn out to be a very big deal indeed
How To Enable Disable And Reset Restriction Passcode On iPhone iOS 7

How To Enable Disable And Reset Restriction Passcode On iPhone iOS 7

Resetting forgotten iphone restriction password has never been this easy, a lot of people tend to forget there iPhone restriction passcode just after creating a passcode. The truth is we all like to use a restriction passcode different from device password, shortly after we tend to mix things up with the passcode and device password. After ten wrong iPhone restriction passcode trail the device automatically disables your passcode.

How To Enable iPhone, iPad And iTouch Restriction Passcode

Goto Settings

>> General

>> Restrictions

>> Enable Restriction

Enter 4 Digit Desired Restriction Passcode

Re-enter Passcode Again

Restriction Passcode


How To Disable iPad, iPhone and iPod Restriction Passcode

Goto Settings

>> General

>> Restriction

>> Disable Restriction

>> Enter Restriction Passcode


To Reset Your iPhone Restriction Passcode Simply watch and follow this youtube video

The Passcode reset works on all iOs 7 devices... Good luck
Latest MTN Unlimited free browsing Cheat On PC May 2014

Latest MTN Unlimited free browsing Cheat On PC May 2014

Latest Unlimited free browsing May 2014 on your pc via wireless router on modem. The ever changing MTN free browsing cheat / tweak is back and better and gives me amazing high speed download rate. This particular free browsing software for MTN has been around for a very longtime but it has always been changing, the key to browsing free constantly with this particular software is getting appropriate update. In this particular i will guide you through Step by step on how to setup this latest free browsing with mtn, blazing fast in this new month of May 2014.

How To Setup Free Browsing May 2014

Goto -

If your new to Freedom server don't forget to Register And Activate An Account With Them.

Keep Your User nd Password 

Download Recent Version freedom software from there homepage

Step 2 >>>  Install After Download


Open After Installation

Click On Configure

On Your-Freedom Server Address Tab Enter This -  or  , For PORT 53

Connection Mode Drop Dropdown  , DNS - Select TWEAK NIGERIA MTN 

For Option Select And Tick , 1,3,7,6  ..... once your successfully done the above simply leave the rest untouched and lets move on to the next thing

Input Your Account Registration Info in Account Tab .. Your user and pass 

Save ..

Now Connect To Your Modem Or Wireless Router Normally Using Default MTN Configuration

Now Go Back To Your Freedom Software and Click START 

Once Connected Config Your Browser

In Browser Address ::::  proxy address For Port: 8080 ..

Start blazing at high speed.. 

If you need further assistant with configuration or you get error messages after configuration simply drop as comment and i will guide you through properly.


HTC Droid DNA brilliantly bold, big and flashy, packed with powerful relevant software and affordable. Complementing the good look is a brilliant display and a high resolution camera, a regular thing with the HTC Smartphones. Unfortunately it doesn't support external storage as it is sealed, and also comes with a battery that struggles to make it through the day.




Gone are those day when slim small phone means super gadget? The Droid DNA signifies that slim small phones are no longer trending, at least for now. Droid DNA is 5.6inches tall and 2,7inches width, Droid DNA is Truly elegant. Despite it big size the Droid DNA is slim at 0.38inches, and equipped with a 5inch Gorilla Glass and it's not wrapped with bezel around the screen edges, it has curved edges with round display.
Below it screen display it comes with three button, respectively the Home button, Recent App button and back button. At the bottom of the device is the power button and micro usb covered port, which to me it's not a good idea because it's a little difficult opening the bottom cover.

HTC DROID DNA Specifications Below

Supported Network Band CDMA  - 800 / 1900

Supported Network Band GSM  - 2G - 3G -4G LTE 700

Sim Card Type - Micro Sim

Release Date - November 2012

Device Weight - 141.7g

Display -1080 x 1920pixels, 441 ppi pixel density) 5.0iches Multi Touch Screen

Vibration -Yes

Droid DNA - External Memory Card - Not Available 

Internal Memory Capacity - 16gig ( not expandable and only 11gig can be used)  2gig Random Access Memory

Supported Connection -GPRS - Available, EDGE - Available - HSDPA

Wlan, Bluetooth, NFC and USB 2.0

Droid DNA Main Camera - 3264 by 2448 pixels 8mp Equipped LED Flash

Front Camera - 2.1Mega Pixels

Hardware Features - MDM615M qualcomm/ Apq8064 - 1.5Ghz Quad-Core Krait

Radio - No

Available Colours - Black Only

GPS - Yes

Sensors -  Gyro -proximity - accelerometer  and compass

Droid Software - v4.1 Android OS (jelly bean)

Battery Life - Standby Time - Upto 350Hours, Talktime - Upto 12h 40mins
Fresh Collections Happy New Month SMS / Text Message May 2014

Fresh Collections Happy New Month SMS / Text Message May 2014

Latest collection of special Happy New Month Text Messages for friend and family.

Say Out Loud AMEN and claim Elevation, surprises, favor,good health
Wealth,Happiness,Divine Intervention in this new month.

This new month will bring a boost in your capabilities and give you strength to achieve greater things, bring forth greater strength and hope, embrace yourself for a brighter future. Happy new month.

Just as sugarcane get cut short at sweetness You will not get cut off you will sprung out,glow and prosper to fulfill destiny. Happy New Month   

In anyway you wish to spend this new month,may it turn out just good and successful.Happy New Month

 As time is cursed  to move forward,so will you move forward in life. wishing you a glorious new month.

Every second,every minute,everyday,every New MONTH,God distribute out of his unlimited good things in life to his people, may you be one of them who will receive his favours.Happy New Month

May every trouble you faced in April not go with you to May as many good things await you in this NEW MONTH. Happy New Month Dear

As the earth appreciates the light from the sun,May you be appreciated and celebrated throughout the days of this month.Wishing you a blissful New Month

Always remember to never forget and never forget to remember that your resolution to be successful is more important than anything.Drive your eyes heart with motivation and go into this new month to achieve great things. Happy New Month

I can hear this new month calling you to claim SOUND HEALTH,PROMOTION,SUCCESS,HAPPINESS,LOVE AND PROSPERITY.Wake up and Say a loud AMEN to claim these.Happy New Month

Buddy join me as i welcome this Month of Profound Additions,an Era of new beginnings,a time of History, a period of great endowment. There shall be just more than enough for you this Month. Happy New Month buddy.

My wish for you this coming month, May this be your best and brightest month. Happy New Month.

A new month is like a bare land.The seeds are in your hands.It is your chance to cultivate a fruitful plantation. Happy New Month.

I Wish You A Fruitful Month Ahead.Hope you enjoy this month.

For the coming month, wishing you fruitful endeavors, Lots of Good Things , Absolute peace of mind and dis-occurrence of disaster.

May each and every day of this month be replenished excellence. Happy New Month

With a new month comes more challenges,opportunities and responsibility. Happy New Month

Look way back from the beginning of this year.look into your failures,mistakes and your success,learn from them and make the coming month a better one.Happy New Month

The object of a New Month is not that we should have a new month. It is that we should have a new soul. Happy New Month

May you have a mind blowing new month filled with mind blowing surprises.May you have a very delightful month.

Festal cheers to new month and another divine chance  for us to get it 
right. Happy New Month

Wishing you a fabulous new month,an awaiting month of new experiences for you Happy New Month...

See this new month as a divine blessing and divine opportunity to achieve more and do more for others. Happy New Month..

This is a new month, don't give up;there are good things awaiting you,put the pedal to the metal,step on the gas,go out there  and  make history. Happy New Month.

Nokia Asha 205 Price And Specifcation

Nokia Asha 205 Price And Specifcation

Nokia asha 205 is a widely used intelligent Dual SIM phone equipped with a QWERTY key. Ingeniously design to swap sim cards without switching off device, comes with incredible photo and phone book sharing features and it's also very affordable. The Nokia Asha 205 cost only 9,000 today.

Nokia Asha 205 lets you see what everyone's saying

don't miss the latest news from your firmed with a bottom that takes you straight to facbook. Tap out an update, check-in chat post a picture or see your friends photos.

The New Nokia Asha 205 is equipped with high speed internet capability. Your favourite social media's are also easier to access.

Get Online - Faster with Nokia Asha 205


Do you want to go faster? The Nokia Xpress browser with web apps navigates the web at rating pace and make it look good too. it's up to 2x faster and 85% cheaper than most other mobile browsers.

Nokia Asha 205 Slam Sharing And Connectivity


Lets Your Share Everything, Sharing as never been easier, by simply bringing two phone together and you can immediately share contacts, photos, videos, music. A very easy easy way to share content to or from friends.

Nokia Asha Brief Specification
Battery Life Span - Upto 891 Hours On Standby, Upto 11hours talk time and 31hours music play

Internal Memory - 64 MB, External Upto 32 gig

Radio - Yes

3G- No , 2G - Yes, EDGE, GPS - NO,  Wireless Lan - NO ,  Bluetooth - Yes
Enter Dfu Mode On iPhone And iPad

Enter Dfu Mode On iPhone And iPad

DFU simply means Device Firmware Upgrade, a term very common in the jailbreak community. DFU mode is different from Recovery mode because in dfu mode your iPhone or iPad doesn't load OS nor boot loader but connect to iTunes.

What is the Use Of DFU Mode

The major reason why you might need to enter into dfu mode is when there's a need for a change in iPad or iPhone firmware or use a custom firmware. Once you've entered into Dfu mode, it bypasses boot loader allowing you to downgrade firmware if need.

Basic Steps Toward Entering Into DFU mode

How To Enter Into DFU Mode
  • iTunes Must Be Properly Installed
  • Open iTunes 

  •  Connect your iPhone Or iPad Via Usb To PC As iTunes Is Running. 


(Hold Down The Power Button And Center Home Botton) at the same time

Step 2.
keep holding the home and power button until your device screen turns black.

Step 3

Gently Release Only Power button and keep holding HOME for 10seconds more.

Exiting DFU Mode is very simply .

Hold Down Power Button and Home Button Until You See Apple Logo appear on the screen of you device, then release.
You can Enter dfu mode on all iPhone and iPad ranging from iPhone 3, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s , iPhone 5c and all iPads.
Apple TV Review And Setup

Apple TV Review And Setup

Apple TV is very easy to setup and the interface is user friendly. You start-up by connecting your Apple TV HDMI cable to your television, plug in Apple TV power cable. Hold down the power bottom at the middle top of your device to turn it on. Select preferred language and connect to a LAN cable or Via Wifi network and you're good to go, start watching numerous videos.

Apple Tv Configuration
 Apple Tv Ports

Netflix For Apple TV

Netflix on your Apple TV is at the Internet Menu, Select Netflix and enter your user and pass. Once you've successfully logged on you will be able stream movies available on netflix. To exit Netflix simply use the MENU bottom on your Apple TV Remote.

YouTube For Apple TV

Located Under Internet Menu >> Select The Youtube Application. Apple TV YouTube is easy to use just like the convectional YouTube we all know.

iTunes On AppleTV

iTunes movies is available for live streaming or Rent.

Photo Streaming


Photo streaming let you import photos available in your stream. You will need your apple iTunes ID credentials to make use of this function.
Flickr For Apple TV, let you add up your flickr account. logon with your flickr credentials and have full access to your photos and friends on flickr photos.

Music On Apple TV

iTunes Match for Apple TV 

Streams your entire iTunes library for use on your Apple TV

Home Sharing 

Also let you share music from iMac or Macbook.


it also let you stream videos and music from your iOS Airplay Or iTunes. You can enable Airplay on your AppleTV form Menu >> to Airplay.

Lets know what you do what your own Apple TV, drop us a comment.

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