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Sep 19, 2014
Facts About Making Money Online

Facts About Making Money Online

Everyday day we stumble upon several ads, pages and websites claiming to have legitimate ways of getting rich quick working online.

The truth is there's no TRUE get rich quick online program or jobs, they are just only trying to make money deceiving you. They are becoming more popular lately because a lot of people are seeking for a better life and wants it quick.

There is NOTHING LIKE GET RICH QUICK ONLINE program but there is ONLINE BUSINESS IDEAS, they take time to grow gradually. If you're diligent and consistent you will grow is such a short time frame and eventually end up making earns meet online just like i do. 

Basic requirement and facts about making money online

i. A personal computer with durable backup battery life, High Speed internet access and a mobile phone.

ii. A little capital is required to setup your new online business. A personal computer, internet access and some software is paramount.

iii. Get your orientation right, this not a get rich program and you are not going to make million overnight. A lot of handwork, sleepless night of doing research and learning new ideas is required. Remember you rip what you sow

iv. You don't have to be a web programmer or a certified web developer to make money online. Basic skills in html, desktop publishing and graphics design can always be acquired online, search the internet. If you have any problem or you're shucked trying to establish an idea you can always hire me at little or no cost.

v. Create a physical or a digital product and sell online. You can also render an online service and make money out of it online. A lot of user's online are looking for various empowerment product, while some are seeking for someone they can hire to help develop an idea.

vi. Setup your own schedule be diligent and consistent with your work and time frame. Exercise patient and watch things change progressively.

Note: what works for me might not work for you.

vii. Set Goals and Target, be focus and define what you really want to invest your time developing. Don't just be everywhere, let your focus be defined. If you're going to be blogging and selling products make sure you focus on that alone.

Finally: Make sure you're always conscious and never fall for overwhelming offer's online. They are probably just trying to rip you off and not offer anything reasonable.

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Sep 18, 2014
How To Monetize Your Blog

How To Monetize Your Blog

Blogging has become very lucrative and fast booming in recent years, blogging is now a house hold name. A platform previously known by few individuals for sharing reviews, thoughts and opinion has now become a multimillion dollar venture. Only few blogger were passionate about the job few years back but now blogging as gone far and beyond passion. It has now a become a master piece. Blogging is now commonly used for various purposes beyond initial scope of knowledge, a lot of new avenues as now explored. For many individuals blogging as become a full time job, ripping in constant income.

Blogging is no longer just passion, it is now driven by pursuit for steady income and significant popularity, bloggers are now blogging to make earns meet.

Setting up a WordPress blog or a blogger blog is now made easy, fast and available for all. A little practice and joint effect is what is required and bingo there you go… Website can now be created within 5mins, perfected within same hour using designed template and make ready for posting articles instantly.

After successfully creating your new blogger blog or WordPress blog, your next job is to start posting new articles daily, promote website using SEO, SEM and SMO. You can easily acquire the skills reading SEO, SEM and SMO experts articles online and applying what they recommend.

Back to Blogging

The Difficult aspect about blogging for newbie is making money blogging, 90 percent of new blogger fail to earn money blogging and after short time they quit blogging.

Why Do Blogger Fail Making Money Online

Newbie fail because they are unable to properly monetize there blog appropriately. Yes, they fail in monetizing. Some manage to get a lot of traffics but at the end the earn so little or no income at all.

Today i will share with you few Working monetizing programs you can enroll and integrate into blogging to earn a significant amount of income.

First : Google Adsense


Adsense is a widely known and recommended website monetizing program. It is not only used by blogger, even companies use it to monetize there websites. Newbie find it difficult to make money from this particular program because it is difficult to determine if it is good for there blog or not.

Blogs Suitable For Adsense

Google Adesense is more suitable for a niche site that carries HIGH CPC, e.g. mortgage, insurance, health and money money online niche. Be rest assured that you're gonna make a lot of income if your blog niche carries HIGH CPC.

Secondly ::::  Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing is a fantastic way of making money online. Monetizing your blog by signing up to promote a product or brand and earn money from sales made using a special link created for promoter on your blog.

Blog Suitable For Affiliate Marketing

Product review blogs and marketing blogs are best for affiliate marketing.

Thirdly : Make Your Own Products Available For Sales

The most suitable blog monetize method is selling your own produce. Adsense and affiliate marketers share your revenue with Google and product owners. When you sell your own product, the total income is shared all to yourself.

Blog Suitable For Selling Own Produce

You can make money online selling your own products as eBook or video tutorials. For Example let say you're expert Forex trader ( Foreign Exchange Trader) you can compile your trading ideas and signal method in one eBook or YouTube video and sell to individuals

Above are the few things i do to make money online, what do you do? how do you make you own money monetizing you blog?

Let Share Ideas
Sep 10, 2014
How To Manually Backup Wordpress Database

How To Manually Backup Wordpress Database

Backing Up Wordpress Database is the most important step a blogger most know and do often to guarantees success and safety. Database backups must be done regularly and its compulsory for quality assurance and safety.

Blogs easily gets compromised or simply crash from plugin malfunction or new wordpress update incompatibility. The truth is whenever there's a problem with our blogs that has affected wordpress database, the best option is doing a database restore to a previously working database backup. If you don't wont your wordpress blog doomed.

There are several database backup methods e.g. plugin backups and automatic backup . The best backup method that i personally recommend is a direct manual backup, its safe and secured.

Backing up wordpress using plugins and auto backup can fail you but manual backup won't fail you.

How To Backup Your Wordpress Manually

This days backing up is paramount because wordpress blogs are getting porous on a daily basis and you need to update often and do multiple backup on a daily basis.

Manual backup is as simple as ABC and requires no special expertise.

Let Get Started ..

STEP 1:  Logon To Your HOST C-PANEL

Goto Files >>>   Click Backup - Wizard

Once you click it, most c-panel will usually open a new window, Once You Get to the new window


..  there are two options >> Full or Partial Backup

PARTIAL BACKUP >> let you select individual backups to download -- options are { Home Directory } , " MYSQL  Database "  " Email Forwarders and Filters

We are backing up DATABASE so Click >> MYSQL  Database

Select The Database Attached to Your Wordpress If you have multiple database in MYSQL Database

Click Download And Save To A Preferred Location In Your PC..


Restoring a previously downloaded backup is very easy compared to download because its almost the same step with a little flip to it.

STEP 1:  Logon To Your HOST C-PANEL

Goto Files >>>   Click Backups

Under back backup option move to partial Backups are, just as shown in the image below

Click { Browse } right next  next to RESTORE A MYSQL DATABASE option

Now Located Your Preferred backup on your hard drive and select it. Click Upload.. And That's All

How Do you Backup your own blog? Give your opinion and suggestions.
Getting Quick Web Traffic For A New Blog

Getting Quick Web Traffic For A New Blog

Each blogger likes getting sufficient traffic to their website / blog. Most new bloggers search for the most prominient method to enhance their blogs web traffic, this because traffic is the heartbeat of your blog.

Step by step instructions to Kick Start Your Blog The Smart Way

Anyway let me know – is traffic the main thing we bloggers ponder? Most likely not!

We do explore all options to drive traffic to our blog, however all traffic are pointless if your doesn't fulfill the traffic you're pulling in.

What do i mean? Imagine, you have a self facilitated blog (or a Google blog) – the concept of your blog is 100% awful,  your composition style is likewise terrible and you're attempting to bring in traffic.

Guaranteed traffic will come, however your result will be bad, your blog user will not stay on your blog to read and digest article, they will only pass-by. Therefor increasing you blog bounce rate which is bad for search engine rankings.

- How Do I Launch My Blog For Best Result?

Have you been blogging months now? Yet seeing no result? The ideal time is today.

Here are few basic adjustment you can do to get a productive result.

 - Step 1: Change the appearance of your blog.. i.e THE THEME

Theme plays a huge role in user experience, which determines the success rate of your business. A user friendly, navigable, fast loading theme. After sometime you will notice that this will bring a significant turn-over to you blog.

The one reason individuals don't stay longer to on your blog post is just on the grounds that your blog is not navigable and appealing enough.

Step 2: Give It A Professional Look;

–  Do not utilize multiple colors on your blog – no more than 3 ", for a matured look.

–  A readable blog textual style and size

–  Enhance blog theme so it doesn't slow down loading speed – Go get yourself a very good, well rated premium theme. If can't afford a premium theme, utilize a free theme.

–  Remember that excessive use of ads are terrible for your blog – There are numerous bloggers out there overwhelming there blogs with ads on every corner thinking it will yield more profit. You will only end up been penalized and your organic search with drop drastically.

Keep in mind that profiting online is not about what number of ads you place up in your blog, its the idea utilized in placing ads.

Step 3:  Is Your Blog Very Slow To Load?

There are numerous reasons why your blog can be so slow, most of the time they are likely not what we are fully aware about, so its best to always make sure your blog is well optimized.

A dragging blog will make you lose unique visitors on your blog and even inhabit your search engine rankings.

I have composed a ton of posts that will help you accelerate your blog the right way… 

 - Simplify your articles and make sure you read them over and over again and confirm they are reasonable.

What makes a post excellent? 

An excellent post must be self explanatory and interesting. You will start having returning visitors which is very good for your blog.

Make sure you written an exceptionally excellent post before publishing.

Have you composed that wonderful article? Before Publishing Articles, attempt to;

–  Let the post be comprehensible and justifiable ­– I know you have the English lexicon put away in your mind. Yet hey, cool off and make your post simply. Always use the simplest English words, so everyone can easily understand.

– Always Double check your blog post for grammatical errors, read over and over again until you are satisfied. Alternatively click the ABC icon on your blogger composed screen to do a spell check for you

–  Always include a related Images in post. they are very helpful because they are self explanatory and eye catchy. Related picture attracts social traffic and shares – Images are very helpful . Keep in mind that pictures can improve a blog and draw in social traffic.

Don't simply advertise your blog post on every social system, join with the greater part

There are many bloggers that goes online just to post there links randomly, without doing any follow up on there links.

Keep in mind that no social media like inappropriate link dropping (Back-linking).

Random dropping of links is bad for your blog, it's termed as bad backlinks. Backlinking randomly affects your entire blog ranks.

Social media traffic is good for ranking high in organic search. Below are thing you must do.

–  Help others and you will without a doubt get traffic in return – whenever you drop a link on social media, always follow up on your post and also respond to user that needs help regarding your post.

– Get close and personal with your fans – connect to you visitors by also visiting there blogs often and making your presence known.

Recollect that: You are a blogger and your occupation is to help individuals.
Aug 26, 2014
Important Wordpress Plugins for dummies

Important Wordpress Plugins for dummies

Plugin-in is one incredible approach to sophisticate and standardize your website, am I right? We utilize plugins in light of the fact that Wordpress alone don't have all the functionalities that we bloggers/ sites owners needs.

Anyway as important and extraordinary a plugin can make your website look, it can likewise cause destruction to your site/ webpage and your host also if not be watchful.

Essential Wordpress Plugins for dummies

Each new bloggers always want to install as many as possible plugins as they can, in light of the fact that they accept that the more the plugin, the more alluring their website gets to be. Yet in all actuality, too many plugins will do your website no good.

As bloggers, we should limit as far as possible the plugins we install. Install those we genuinely need and Remove those we don't.

What's the max plugins a blogger ought to have?

Each blogger has their definition of most extreme. My definition of most extreme is having 20 helpful plugins in your armory.

Me? At some point back, I was having 15 plugins till I as of late did an online journal cleanup on the grounds that the vast majority of the plugins I had work comparably however with simply a slight contrast. Be that as it may now, I am having only 13 dynamic plugins in most of my wordpress site.

I don't have plans of adding more to my 13 plugin, instead, I will simply code what I need to show up on my site.

Why do you have to keep your plugin to its minimal?

The two main and most paramount reasons why we have to keep our plugin to its minimal;

√  Too much plugins slows down your site

√  Over loads your database

√  And you know, no one preferences to visit a inaccessible site… 

I thought of 10 Essential Wordpress Plugins for the Absolute Beginner to help new bloggers pick the best plugin for their websites and to additionally push them absolutely in their blogging career

10 Essential Wordpress Plugins for the Absolute Beginner

prepared to get the 10 Essential Wordpress
Must Plugins For Dummies

How about we begin with the most imperative ones.

Smuch it

Graphics and pictures are the major heavy side of a website. it's always advisable to reduce the size of pictures before adding it up to your website. You don't modify!! your website will be sluggish. 

What smuch does is to enhance your pictures by compressing them to its minimal.

Presently we have that choice to reduce the heaviness of our pictures and enjoy a fast loading website.


In the wake of creating our online journal, the first thing that rings a bell is optimization. in any case what's the cool approach to enhance a website? Look at this plugins for that reply.


This is one amazing plugin each blogger ought to have in his/ her Amory stockpile, why? Since it stabilizes and maintain any wordpress blog database without you maintaining it physically.

wp-optimze helps you check and fixes your database tables. Effectively erase your post modification, auto draft posts and many more

Database is one range you would prefer not to disturb on the off chance that you are a non-geek. So verify you generally reinforcement your site when performing any database config.

W3 Total cache

Accept it or not, your plugin meets expectations harder when your website activity increases and without a decent improvement, I guarantee you that your host company will issue you a warning.

W3 Total Cache is one brilliant improvement plugin any great and expert will suggest you utilization. At the same time the fact of the matter is – it is not all bloggers that need this plugin, why? Since, it won't work or produce any results if your site movement is just 200+ guests for every day, except if your site activity is more than 1k for every day, you can utilize it.


Theme my Login

We all realize that a huge number of blogs get hacked day by day particularly Wordpress. Protecting our website the most ideal way we can, ought to start things out in our mind. Anyhow what would we be able to do to ensure our website is protected

Alright, the "theme my login" plugin serves to change your wp-login.php to an alternate link of your decision. So in the event that some individual tries to get access to your admin login zone, he will be redirected to a tagged link set by you.

You can additionally change your admin login name from "yourname" or "admin" to something hard without going to your database to transform it physically.

Limit login Attempt

OK, the best thing you can do to your website is protecting it with everything you got. Knowing the IP's that get to your admin panel and how often they attempted to get access to it, is one incredible approach to help secure your website.

What "Limit Login Attempt" does is, it basically obstruct any ip that tries to get to your web wordpress blog admin panel (depending on the point of confinement login you set it).

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

All in one SEO

OK, imagine a scenario in which you don't know much about seo, would you be able to survive the blogging? Yes, you can. By using a trusted seo plugin… 

"All in one seo" is one of the best seo plugin for beginners, why? Just install the plugin and it does all the SEO works, you do not need any special skills

In any case on the off chance that you are that blogger that need more details and some more peculiarities, then SEO by Yoast is your other alternative :)

Google xml Sitemap

Without sitemaps, Google or any web search tool will get lost trying to index your page accordingly. Accept it or not, you require a website map for your blog so you can get indexed speedier and rank well in web indexes.

Google xml Sitemap is by a long shot the best sitemaps there is. With this, and the other seo plugins, I am certain your website will rank well in the event that you put exertion.

Empower Comment


In some cases it takes a push and some support to get different bloggers to remark on your website.

As another blogger in the blogging scene, you have to do three things to get remarks – remark on different bloggers website.

Let Know the plugins you're using, drop comments
Aug 9, 2014
New MTN Unlimited Download Magic Sim Card

New MTN Unlimited Download Magic Sim Card

The mtn unlimited download magic sim card tweak is back and better, they're people using it and I've confirmed it, read several testimonies in the past few weeks about it. The only problem is finding someone sincere enough to share the new mtn unlimited download magic sim card cheat with us, i have paid few guys online who claim to have the new mtn magic sim card tweak setting, they all never delivered a functional unlimited download settings till date.
Am writing this post so you all can be aware, the mtn magic sim card cheat is back and people are already using it.


If you have the latest unlimited download sim card cheat for mtn and want to share for free or at a cost, we are willing to pay you to acquire it. As an admin i believe in sharing and i will share it on this blog free of charge once i have it. So stay connected and make sure you check back more often and also make use of the available tweaks on the blog.
If you have the mtn unlimited tweak and want to share for free or sell simply drop your mobile number as comment and i will contact you.
Let the comments start rolling in...
Jun 29, 2014
Apple Latest iOS 8 wwdc 2014

Apple Latest iOS 8 wwdc 2014

Apple latest iOS 8 features and release date wwdc 2014 has officially kicked off bringing us our frist glimpse of Apple Latest Mobile Operating iOS, the iOS 8. iOS 8 comes with a lot of tweaks for both iPhone and iPad User's building on the more fluid intuitive experience introduced by Apple on iOS 7 to bring greater continuity across all devices.

 Changes On New Notification Center On Apple iOS 8 

The New notification centre on the latest apple iOS 8 has been refined for a start giving you more of the information you need at a start with just a swipe of a finger from the top down.

iOS 8 Introduction Of Active Notification

The latest active notification allows users to reply messages and alert within other apps, third party widgets are now supported within the notification center.

Improved SPot light On iOS 8

For example typing  in a place, on the latest Spot Light On iOS 8 might bring up a page from Wikipedia or map direction, rather than the conventional straight direct result on apple iOS 7

iOS 8 Mail Made More User Friendly

By Simply Swiping on a message will let you flag the colour code indicator, mark as "read" or "delete " it all together.
iOS 8 lets you access messages in your inbox while you're actually accessing your email

Apple iOS 8 HealthKit

Apple showed off healthkit which acts as a new hub for all your health related apps and fitness info. The health app is basically what we expected it to be, it gathers all your health data from third party devices and shares it with your iOS.

New Photosmart For iOS 8

The new photosmart makes sure photos are accessible across all your devices. This simply means if something terrible to happen to your iPhone or iPad your beautiful pictures won't be lost.

More Interliigent Photo Editing Feature

This also means that with simple tweaks you have more overall improved pictures without having to fav around with heavy settings. The coolest thing about photosmart on apple latest  iOS 8 is that edited pictures are also saved across all devices on both iPad and iPhone, it doesn't matter where you edited them it takes effect across all devices, thanks to iOS 8 iCloud photo editing access.

iOS 8 Messaging Makes More Sense

You can now set "Do Not Disturb Alert" for group messages and participant can back out of threads whenever they choose, you can share your location with a friend as well and more easily send a voice or video message

Quick Type Keyboard On iOS 8

A new quick type keyboard will be making its way as well, featuring better input prediction and support a huge range of native languages. iOS 8 supports third-party software's including swift-key.

Developer will be getting there hands on iOS 8 from today, as usual user's will have to wait a little longer before getting stocked into apple's latest OS.


Release Date Of iOS 8

Official roll out of Apple Latest iOS 8 for User's is expected around Autumn, for more information on iOS 8 and wwdc2014 be sure to stay with us right here on Advancenaira.
Jun 23, 2014
How To Format Any Android Phone

How To Format Any Android Phone

Simple Way To Format Or Factory Reset Any Android Smartphone When Needed. Android Smartphones are more or less like our normal personal computers and they sometimes malfunction due to error in installation, operating system malfunction or storage error. A factory reset, restore or format is needed to restore back to factory settings, hence removing all software related errors. Please note that formatting cannot correct hardware related error, Android format only help correct software errors by restoring Android device operating system back to manufacturer default.

 How To Format, Factory Reset Or Restore Android Smartphones

Note: make sure your battery is well charged before proceeding with Android Format, make sure you have at least 65% charge of battery. 

Step 1. Got To Setting >> Privacy 

Step 2: Select Backup Data And Also Select Automatic Restore

Step 3:  Warning Warning Warning !!!! All Data On Device Will Be Lost After Renewal, If You Have Important Information On Device Please Backup Appropriately ...

 >>    Proceed By Selecting >> Factory Data Reset >>

Step 4: Note: Before you can perform a successful Factory Reset On Your Android Device All Data On External Storage Device ( Memory Card ) will all be lost. I advise you understand properly before proceeding, so you don't end up loosing important information. Your Device will require your pattern lock to proceed with the reset only if your device is password protected.

Step 5: Final Step, Select erase everything

Wait and watch your device, the device will reboot after few minutes and return to manufacturer settings. Easy way to format your Android Device.

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