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    Huawei E173 Modem Unlock, Flash Or Reset Unlock Code Limit / Counter

    Huawei E173 modem is one of the easiest Huawei Modem To Unlock, But There Are Several Incompatible unlock code calculator and Huawei only gives 1/10 chances of unlock. I own an Huawei E173 modem and after several trials using wrong unlock code i have reached the Unlock Code Counter limit of  1/10 of unlock code chances and now my modem no longer gives me the tap to input an unlock code instead it says my modem as been blocked, because of 10 trails of wrong unlock code on my Huawei E173 Modem. Immediately I Knew I Need To Find A Way To Rest My E173 Modem Unlock Code Counter, This Lead me to this particular research, the fact that i needed to Unlock my Huawei E173 modem, and i have reached my E173 Unlock limit, on my unlock code chances. I decided to start a new search by looking for a method of Unlocking my E173 Huawei Modem despite entering wrong Unlock Code, more than 10 times, and reaching my Huawei E173 unlock code counter trails limit. My E173 Modem Now Shows Me 10/10.

    I Found The Solution For Unlocking My Huawei E173 Modem Despite Reaching Unlock Code Limit And I Will Guide You Through Below.

    How To Unlock And Restore Unlock Code Counter On Huawei E173 Modem

    Download Huawei Modem Unlocker Software

    Unzip The Folder Content And Locate File With .exe extension

    Plug In Your Huawei Modem

    On The Opened Tab At The Upper Right Corner Click On Refresh

    STEP 2 : Tick Auto Unlock Modem And Also Tick Auto Calc Code

    STEP 3: Click On READ MDM DATA as show in image Above

    Click On UNLOCK  ::: This will Reset Your Modem 10/10 Unlock Limit and And also Unlock Your Modem All At The Same Time.

    Your Modem As Been Fully Repaired And Unlocked All At The Same Time..

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    1. unlocking works but no place to put in the unlock code on d modem. help pls

      1. Insert Another Network Sim Card.. It will ask for unlock code

    2. am bro thanks for the hard work am like this method is not working for the e173 with imei of 86 like mine is e173u-1 it failed to reset to zero counter hope if u have another method perhrps u cn post it

    3. thanks for the hard work bro but it not working for the 173u-1 with imei begin with 86

    4. Thanks
      It's works
      But still I can't believe it.
      Good job

    5. can you put new download link other site than 4shared


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