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    MTN Mobile Wireless Sim Router / MTN MIFI Device

    MTN Mobile wireless Sim router devices or portable WiFi device comes in various manufacturer, most likely Hauwei  MIFI or ZTE MIFI devices  that allows users connect up to five different WiFi enabled devices ranging from Tablets, laptop, Phones and others all connected to internet at the same time.

    You're required to have an active data bundle/plan on the MiFi device, this enables you to connect you MTN wireless sim Router device WiFi to the internet.

    This enables a better browsing experience

    MTN Wireless router Mi-Fi device wireless broadcast works within the range of 10m or 30 ft approximately

    How to use the MTN Wireless Modem Sim Router / Mobile WiFi Device


        Insert your SIM Card, usually at the back panel of your MTN MiFi device.
        Connect your MTN wireless Modem / MiFi to pc using provided cable
        Power on the MTN Wireless Modem / MiFi
        Automatically is startup installation

    The MTN Wireless Mobile WiFi can be used Two Diffrent Modes

    USB mode (connected to your PC)
    Wireless WiFi mode (connect Via Wireless Multiple devices)

    How to Use MTN Wireless Sim Router / Mobile WiFi Via USB Mode

        Launch using the icon provided upon installation via usb on the desktop to open the MTN Wireless Mobile WiFi user interface. Once the user interface is launched.

    Logon Using Default User and Pass: Usually :  Admin

        Recharge and activate any Data plan , Once data is confirmed you can enjoy your browsing

    Using the MTN Wireless Modem Router in Wireless (Wi-Fi / Mi-fi Mode)

    You must have successfully activated a data bundle using the MTN Mobile WiFi user interface.

        Powered on your wireless sim router device (simple press and hold the power button until the light comes on).
        Enable Wi-Fi on your computer, then select & connect to your MTN Wireless Sim Modem, WiFi E5830S (Password/key for wireless is printed behind the device).

    You can change Wireless Name and Password from default at your own discretion

    Once you establish a Wi-Fi connection successfully, you can start browsing the internet.

    Refer to the user guide manual for more information on how to manage the modem in WiFi mode.
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