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    How To Place Advert Banner On Blogspot Blog

    Getting paid advert on your blog is a good source of revenue, how to place them or create a banner showcasing advert slot might pose a problem. This particular post will guide you through on advert placement on a blogspot blog, advert slot banner position and ad space awareness.

    Selling advert space online is one of several methods of making money online without a third party. Advert placement will give you significant amount of income once your blog start getting the interest of advertiser's.

    There are several type of advert banners, we have bannerS that are header and side banners, the commonest types of side banners are 125 + 123 ad slot 336 x 280 ad slot and 300 x 250 ad slot, and the most widely used type of header advert banner is 728 X 90 ads banner. Before making use of any of this banners you most have considered the sizes of the intended ad location in your website template, i.e if you are placing a side bar advert banner of 336 x 280 your side bar must be greater than 336 x 280 if otherwise your advert position would not be appropriate.

    How To Place Place Advert Banner On Blogspot Blog

    For This Particular Tutorial, I will Be Making Use Of 300 x250 Advert Slot Place And 125 x125 advert slot.

    Let Get Started

    ==>> Log In To Blogger DashBoard

    ==>>  Click >>  Layout

    ===>>> At The Side Menu >>  Click On Add A Gadget 

    ==>> Copy And Paste The Code Highlighted in yellow Below

    <a href="http://www.advancenaira.com/p/advert-placement.html" target="_blank"><img border="0"  src="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEh3vInJGEIZfqPJ5XrViV4vo5G_bJLPoRVFdNr2Tdrv3Z_Ev8ETuj3ivEGuOpQt6WD-AeWyZ0ISMkdh2eaMMLa1NigW4I42D2Ayv-vMsDhq0Zn160HkLSHusYSOHa1GbIVuZZwK1wImyvYo/s1600/advert_banner.png" width="300px" height="250px"/></a>

    Please Note :  After Creating An Advert Page On Your Blog You Are To Replace MY URL "http://www.advancenaira.com/p/advert-placement.html" with Advert Enquiry Page Url  of your website . If you do not replace the url, anyone that click on the ads banner will automatically be redirected to my website, am sure you do not want that to occur.

     If you've uploaded image using your blogger change my image URL "https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEh3vInJGEIZfqPJ5XrViV4vo5G_bJLPoRVFdNr2Tdrv3Z_Ev8ETuj3ivEGuOpQt6WD-AeWyZ0ISMkdh2eaMMLa1NigW4I42D2Ayv-vMsDhq0Zn160HkLSHusYSOHa1GbIVuZZwK1wImyvYo/s1600/advert_banner.png"   to your desired image url

    To Adjust Your Ad Banner Image Size Edit This Section Only In The Code  " width="300px" height="280px"    

    Eg For Advert Banner With Image Size 336 by 280 Your Code Should Appear This Way..

    <a href="http://www.advancenaira.com/p/advert-placement.html" target="_blank"><img border="0"  src="https://blogger.googleusercontent.com/img/b/R29vZ2xl/AVvXsEh3vInJGEIZfqPJ5XrViV4vo5G_bJLPoRVFdNr2Tdrv3Z_Ev8ETuj3ivEGuOpQt6WD-AeWyZ0ISMkdh2eaMMLa1NigW4I42D2Ayv-vMsDhq0Zn160HkLSHusYSOHa1GbIVuZZwK1wImyvYo/s1600/advert_banner.png" width="336px" height="280px"/></a>

    .... That all you need need to know about Advert Banner Placement, I hope this post will be helpful enough. Please drop a comment if you have any further question.

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