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    iPhone And iPad Keyboard Shortcut

    The amazing thing about Apple IPad and iPhones is that you never get bored, each day you will keep discovering new functions and features of your iPhone and iPad. Many people underestimates apple iPad and iPad keyboard, they find it too simply and believe it is limited to few characters and function. I can boldly tell you today that apple iPad and iPhones keyboard contains more characters and keyboard shortcuts than the conventional standard keyboards. 

    The question is how do I use the iPhone and ipad keyboard shortcuts and were are the characters hidden? In this post I will reveal as much keyboard shortcut that I have been able to discover and know how to use and bring others in updated post later.

    Let commence This brief Lesson

    For Special Character On iPad on iPhones 

    Hold down any alphabets on the keyboard screen to see the special character embedded beneath, it will automatically display them above the above then you can select your desired option ...

    Example , Alphabet " y" when held down reveals.  ""  ÿ  """"

    How To Input Euro, Pound, Yen and other currency symbols On iPhone And iPad 

    Press And Hold Down $ on your keyboard other option like ¢ , ¥ , € , £  ₩  will appear simply select required button 

    How To Automatically included Period In Sentences And Make Words In New Sentences caps

    When writing it is not always simply to use "full stop" and have to select shift to make the first character of a new sentence Caps...

    To Do This On Auto.. """ Press Your iPhone Or iPad Space Key Twice Simultaneously ""

    Also A Space After Period Does The Function.

    How To Select Degree Symbols On iPad and iPhones Keyboard 

    Press And Hold " o"the various option for degree will appear . Õ, ø, ō, œ, ò, ô, ö, ó 

    Alternative Press And Hold Numerical "0" down to select ==> ° 

    For Every other keyboard shortcut 

    Press    ==>> .?123  on your keyboard 

    And use shift key to change to various options.

    Am sure this tutorial was helpful, if you know of other keyboard shortcut keys for iPad and iPhone that is not mentioned above. Let us all share ideas drop them as comments for others to see and learn ..

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