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    Android Root And IOS Jailbreak Explained

    Ever since my tutorials on rooting I've gotten a lot of questions like, What does rooting means? Basically we would cover Jail-breaking at the end, but now basically a lot of people wanrts to know what it means and what is needed to rooting an android device. So my definition is

    Root: Rooting An Android Device Gives You The Ability To Write To Root Of The Android System Partitions


    Above is the basic definition of What Rooting An Android Device Means, Once you've Root Your Android devices you've open a whole bunch of diffent possibilities that allows you to do a ton of different things that and allow a little bit more control of your Android Phone, Tablets or any Android Devices.

    Once you've rooted your android devices you can get rid of all those pestiy carrier installed and pre-installed apps that you don't want and you can install a bunch of  ""root only apps"" apps that only works on  root phones which gives you full control on your apps XDA Developer points out, they are a ton of Root only apps for you rooted android devices if you search online for them. Frankly speaking its this features from this root only apps that ends up getting implented into newer versions of android.

    For Example, before now you need root 2 for examples to take screen shots on your android devices or root2 tether now that's built in to android devices.

    So if you want to be on the cutting Edge of latest and new customization and new things to be able to do with your Android device whether its a tablet, camera, phone or whatever it is look into Rooting and Root Apps.

    Do You Wanna Backup and restore app data? Add Themes to Android ? Change Boot animation ? Change Your Entire Rom All

    together. If you want to take a device running on version of android and flash and install a newer more updated version of android without having to wait for your mobile service carrier, you can do all that if you root your device.

    The Most Common question after that is HOW DO I ROOT MY DEVICE? so basically the common way to find out How To Root Your Device, Rooting is slightly different from each other.

    The Easiest way is way to find out How To Root Your Device is To Google The Exact Model of the Device Your Want To Root followed by hmm rooting instructions, chances are that you're gonna find the exact instructions you need.

    So For Example: I Have A Samsung Verizon Galaxy S2, If Your Want to Root This Device i will simple SEARCH GOOGLE:  How To Root

    Samsung Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3""" chances are that you're gonna find a direct set of beginner level instructions that is gonna

    help you figure it out.

    NOTE:  Rooting does void your warranty but like i like to say you don't really own your device until you've voided the warranty, but

    chances are if you do screw up, if you have a device even slightly newer than the original Motorola Droid, there's a community behind that to back you up and help you get fix  problems or you just Simply Unroot.

    Now To IOS, 


    On the IOS Side it is called Jail breaking as you probably already know, you can jailbreak your iPhone, iPod, iPads. There's also a huge jailbreak community as well, so if you wanna jailbreak your device it is similar to rooting but it's not technically the same, but it is very customizable, you can get a whole lot of bunch of features and functions to your devices that wasn't previously there before.

    For Example: An IOS some time ago needed to be jailbroken to you your Music library songs as ringtones.

    Note: Jail breaking also voids your warranty, but you just Google for the exact jailbreak for your IOS version and follow the instructions properly and you shouldn't have a problem.

    It's really easy for an IOS or Android User to get full control of your device whether you want to Root Android Or Simply Jailbreak IOS it's up to you, and for most times before following a guide to jailbreak of root, make sure you read the comment below the guide before finally deciding to use the guide, make sure you see a lot of success stories.

    Go out and get that customization going on......
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