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    Using MTN Night Plan 4.5gig For 24hrs Day And Night

    Using The MTN Night Plan 4.5gig For 24hours Is Now Made Easy Without Any Additional software or Ip Address Configs. The MTN Night plan bundle is currently one of the cheapest plan in Nigeria, At Only 2500Naira for 4.5gig, isn't That Good-news? Officially The MTN Night Plan Now Comes With A 1.5gig Bonus Available For Use During The Day And Once You've Exhausted The 1.5gig Night Plan Bonus You're Left With 3gig Which Is Only Usable At Night (9pm - 6am).
        The Good News Is That I've Been Using The MTN Night Plan Together With The Bonus For 24hours Without Any Timing Restriction. I use the MTN Night Plan On My iPhone, Android Tab and iPad, It Works For Me Night And Day Until My MTN 4.5gig Usable Data Is Exhausted. You too can do this and it very simply to tweak.

    How To Make MTN 4.5gig Night Plan Work For 24Hours On iPhone, iPad, Android Phones And Any other Compatible Device.


    The Simply Truth is This Tweak Is Something So Easy To Understand, Everyone Can Enjoy This Across All Devices For 24hours Without Having Network Interruption.

    To Get Started Simply Recharge With N2500

    Dial *102# or Send 102 to 131

    MTN Will Send Your A Confirmation Message And Also Notify You About Your Added 1.5gig Bonus.

    Note: 1.5gig bonus is only valid for 24hours and you will be able to browse without tweaking until u've exhausted your 1.5gig bonus.
     How To Check Your Data Bundle - Simply SEND 2 To 131 to monitor Your Usage.

    Here is The Tweak, To Enable The Night Plan Work For 24hours After Exhausting The 1.5Gig Night Plan Day Time Bonus.

    It is A Simple As ABC

    Simply Make Sure Your Device/Phone Doesn't Go OFF or Restart within The Hours Of 6am till 9pm Daily And Your Data Service Is Enabled, this way you will be able to Use the MTN Nigeria Night For 24hours.

    Do's And Don't

    Do not restart your phone/Device 6am Till 9pm And Data Service Must Be Enabled

    Feel Free To Tether To Your Computer Using Your USB or Wifi

    Do Not Put Device In Airplane Mode

    Always Make Sure Your Device Is Well Charged And Will Be Turned ON always 6am till 9pm

    You're Allowed To Restart Device Only From 9pm Till 5: 55am (default Night Plan Time)

    I Don't Have Issues With Any Of This Conditions Because My Apple Devices Battery Life IS ALways Sufficient Enough To Run 15hours On Standby Without Charging, i.e i only charge my device one daily.

    Share Your Own Experience As Comments And Let Share Ideas Together.  Remember, Together We Can Make Things Work Better And Cheaper.
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    1. Its true, I have being using it since, don't off ur data or phone btw 6am - 9pm, try to browse b4 6am to at least 6.20 and once in a while u try to browse, d 3g is all urs 4 24hrs after d official 1.5g got exhuasted

    2. Plz i'll like 2 knw; when u made mention of hvin' my data service enabled frm the hours of 6am - 9pm were u referrin' 2 changin' my packet data connection from when needed to alwayz online... Tanx a bunch...

    3. Your site is awful on mobile devices. always skipping and mumbling sentences on each other. pls adjust it

    4. Pls, educate me on how to use mtn night data plan for 24hours.

    5. Yes,I can also confirm the above info......but its a 50/50 thing.....someday it'll work and some days it won't.


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