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    Apple iPhone 6 Greatest New Features

    The new iPhone 6 great New features you need to know about, after months of speculation and long wait. The iPhone 6 is finally here and it's the best iPhone yet. The iPhone 6 is packed with great new features as apple attempt to position itself as a leader in the congested and competitive race, for the next smartphone in your pocket.

    Lets Take A Closer Look To See What Apple As Brought To The Table With It's New iPhone

    1. Increase In Screen Size 4.7inches

    The First thing you probably going to notice about the iPhone 6 is it's bigger screen. At 4.7inches it is larger than previous iPhones, packaged with impressing engineering works and doesn't feel that much larger in your hands. The screen makes watching video's, playing games and grabbing webpages much easier than ever and the goods news is along with the increase screen size Apple as also beefed Up the resolution so the display remains as sharp and clear.

    2. WiFi Calling


    Wifi calling is a clever way that the iPhone 6 as made a impact on your voice calls, available from EE later this year. Its allows you to make and receive crystal clear phone calls through your wifi network when you are in range, giving you a better experience and helping you solve those coverage worries when you're indoors.

    3. Super-Fast 4G

    The iPhone 6 is 4G capable giving you access to world fastest network speeds, not only do websites load faster, downloads are almost instant. You can stream movies and more. The iPhone 6 4G features supports LTE which offers speeds of upto 150Mbps over 200 bands and 200 networks worldwide.

    4. Voice Over LTE

    The iPhone 6 4G features don't just end with super fast internet and download speed, it also include the all new Voice Over LTE. Its uses the 4G network to receive your phone calls, making your voice call sound clearer than ever before.

    5. Super Fast Processor ( A8)


    The brandnew A8 processor is dual core 64bit architecture makes apps and games to open and run faster than ever before and the brandnew iOS 8 operating systems runs beautiful as well. Also not only does the Apple iPhone 6 A8 processor powerful but it is also smaller, which makes it 50% more power efficient

    6. Better Games

    The iPhone 6 has a lovely new screen so a better way of making use of all this new display is by playing the latest games on it. The iPhone 6 A8 processors isn't just the only brain behind the phone, it also handles graphics as well, Apple with a 50% improvement in graphics performance better than the iPhone 5s. Apple iOS 8 also improves the way the games can run, so look forward to more beautiful and graphically impressive titles from the iPhone 6.

    7. Improved Camera

    Upgrades to the camera include the wider angle camera view upgarde through Apple new focus system giving you a more impressive snaps. A better front camera giving you a adorable selfie with clarity than ever before.

    8. Slow Motion And Time Lapse

    One of the coolest feature of the iPhone 6 is the ability to shot films in slow motion with a 240 FPS (Frame Per Seconds) it's makes your slow motion video impressive. It's also equipped with a new time lapse mode

    9. Apple Pay

    One of the really interesting addition to the iPhone 6 is the Apple Pay, if it live upto apple's policies you will soon be able to leave you wallets at home and just bring your iPhone 6 out. Apple pay lets you Epay for things by just tapping you phone to contact-less payment devices.

    Finally..... 10 . Keep Healthy With The iPhone 6 

    iPhone 6 comes with a number of apps and sensors to help you monitor your health. It can keep a track of your calories intake and physical activities and a lot more.

    Making the iPhone 6 an amazing coach.
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