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    Mtn officially launch mtn season of surprise promo,  a plan that offers 3gigs night and 1.5gig day bonus data bundle for smartphones and tablets. It is currently called a promo plan but we are sure it is here to stay.

    I've noticed its difficult for most of us to conveniently use this plan for 30days without exhausting the daily in only few day. Henceforth waiting until 9pm before you can actually browse which is not convenient for any frequent internet users.

    Some Have Decided To Stay Off This Plan Because Of The Inconvenience Of Browsing late Night Only After Exhausting The Added Daily Bonus. 

    I found a solution to this and now you can enjoy the mtn season of surprise MTN N2500 data plan for 24hours without the use of any software just common sense.

    First Method On How To Use MTN 2500Naira Plan For 4.5 Day And Night Plan For 24Hours

    Activation Code For MTN Smartphone Plan is : TEXT 120 to 131

    After Activation, you are to apply common sense henceforth.

    Always Restart Your Device Or Simply Switch to Airplane Mode and Active Back Once It 9pm before Using Data Consuming Application Or Website. This ensures that your 3gig night plan is now in use.

    Note: Data Doesn't Automatically Switch to 3gig Night Plan Once Its 9pm, by turning off or switching on and off airplane mode once its 9pm affirms that you are now on night plan. Henceforth all data charges will be on the Night Plan bundle.

    Second Method : Extending Your MTN Data Night Plan To Work For You During The Day

    Requires Simple Sense

    Restart Your Mobile Phone or Tablets Before 6am And Make Sure it doesn't go off all through the day. All data used on this plan will be charged on your night plan and your daily plan remains intact.

    Note: If your mobile phone, tablets or router goes off for any reason after this please note that you've automatically switch to your daily plan.

    For Further explanation on article connect with us on twitter @blackethics or @ advancenaira or simply drop a comment.
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    1. Thanks a lot. Your method works...

    2. Thanks a lot... Working for me... I had reminders ON for both period #UsingMySense

    3. Common sense is not common. It works!!!


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