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    What is a BLOG and how to a BLOG? A lot of people still don't understand what a blog is, how to blog or identify a blog when they stumble upon one. If you just heard about blogging from friends or media, here is a short and precise tutorial to guide you through.

    Here are the Major Question You Ask Yourself

        What is a BLOG
        How to BLOG
        What is the benefit of blogging
        Types of Blogging Platform ? ( Blogger or Wordpress )

    What is a Blog?

    A blog is simply an Online Notebook Diary. In our diary we write about thing that we like and things happened and we see a reason to record it and share with family and friends. Notebook diary are based on any event that you like for example hobbies, poems, songs, tutorials, pets, home and family, your personal thoughts etc. For a blog it your online diary and it's on world wide web (www) subscribers read and drop comment.

    In Summary a blog is your Personal webpage you write and share things you like with millions of people.

    How do I create a BLOG?
    Creating a blog is fun, simply and totally free. There are various webhost that offers blogging hosting services but blogger from google remains the best with simple interface.

    Benefit Of BLOGGING

    A trial will convince you by the time you start blogging to the bank, using a totally free platform and you Earn money without paying anyone. Full time blogger make money displaying adverts on there pages, they earn so much enough for them to quit there salary based work and make money from home.

    You will end-up making a lot of new friends and fans, bloggers are online celebrity and you earn respect.

    The best of all is that you will acquire a lot of knowledge because people will start sharing there ideas with you too! Your online skills will improve. Blogger learn every second each time will be like a new experience!  Now i can write HMTL, CSS, XML without paying anyone. I acquire this online and practiced all alone, i can successful design a webpage of my choice without anyone's help.

    What is Blogger or Wordpress?

    They are the two main platform for blogger, which help you create a free Blog (blogger) or Self-hosted blog(wordpress). Blogger blog remains the best and it's free, start-up using blogger blog from google.

    Goto : www.blogger.com to startup. Good luck

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