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    How to blog? And What is A Blog ? is a common question in this recent times. Today, i need to share some principle anyone will need to know how to Blog and What A BLOG means. Blogger make money online by using google powered Blogging Platform.

    Making money using Google powered blogger via Blogging Platform remains a puzzle among folks that would like to earn a steady income online blogging. If you aren't acquainted or dont understand what Blogger.com is, it's simply a free blogging platform provided by Google.  If you don't know How To Blog or What A Blog Really Means or lacks basic web designing and programming knowledge, you don't have to worry about all that because blogging as been made simply for all.

    How can you make money Blogging? This a very cheap question, by the end of this post, you surely most have gotten your answer. Anyone that can read and write will make money using google blogger. No limitation; blogging no matter your age, sex, race et al..  Below square measure some rules you need to observe if you actually want to make cash on-line through blogger.

    I. Finding A Market Niche.

    Niche may be a position or activity that significantly suits somebody's talent and activity. Before you are doing something, you need to 1st assume and think of appropriate niche for your blogger blog. you need to be acquainted and have interest for your niche you're going to select for your blogger blog. selecting unacquainted or uninterested niche will cause you to a fail. therefore you most take time out to decide on your niche with wisdom, so writing for your blogger blog will be straightforward task for you. just in case you'll pen several topics, you'll begin with one at the start and later produce new blogs on alternative topics.

    II.  Create a blog

    Creating a google blogger blog is straightforward. To register a blogger blog, register a gmail account similar to your niche name. for instance if your blogger blog will be on concerning Dog feeds, you'll register a website name like once discovering a suitable name, select a perfect web template from the list of templates given to you. Feel free to request a professional template if needed

    III. Resourceful Content

    Resourceful Content.If you actually wish to be a sure-fire blogger, you need to write quality content. If in the slightest degree you would like to copy others work, you need to modify everything. And note that your blogger blog post most helpful to your readers. If your post are not resourceful readers won't return. Search engines will not rank you well if your post duplicate web content, therefore you need to attempt to be original if you would like success in blogging.

    IV. Awareness

     If you would like to make money online with your blogger blog, you need to be able to advertise your new blogger to the world. There are only two ways of directing traffic to your blogger blog, Free Or Paid, I like the free ones as a result of they're the most effective ones. a number of the free ways that to advertise your web log are:
     Through posting on connected forums

     web log commenting
     Sharing on social networking website like Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc.

     Asking alternative bloggers for a link exchange

     put your website link as your email signature
     Word of mouth etc. simply build use of any means you recognize isn't spamming.

    v. Most Importantly creating cash with Blogger

      5(i). commerce Advertising house

       5(ii). Affiliate Marketing

        5(iii)Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression ( Preferable Google adsense )

          5(iv) commerce Software's, E-book and alternative Services on-line

    I have recently created a post on a way to build cash on-line together with your blogger blog. Click the link and browse the post for tactics to legitimize your blogger blogs.

    Finally, to form cash through blogger blogging platform, you need to work hard day and night. Remember this not a get rich program, it's slow and steady depending on your NICHE.

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