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    How to Install Android Apps Directly On Memory Card / SD Card As With 2.2 Froyo Android

    You can install your android applications directly into your SD Memory Card  With Android 2.2 Froyo Features, Android doesn't officially support installation of Apps into Memory Card. On Android Devices Installed Apps by Default store in Device memory which is so far not good, new generation Apps are so large expecially games by the time you install one or two high resolution games on your Android you will just notice that you've run out Internal storage. When you are out of Internal storage on your Android devices there will be no more room to install anymore new Apps. If you need to install new Apps on your Android device you will need to delete so previous Apps so as to create space for storage for the Apps you want to install. With Froyo on Android you do not need to worry about storage anymore because all your Apps Default Storage is directed to expabdable store which is your desired SD Memory Card capacity.

     Before i started using Android 2.2 Froyo, i sourced for several method of reducing and shrinking space out of my devicem like deleting some application cleanining up cache and other, but for the fact that i like downloading powerful application and High Definition games that requires some times even Gigabytes space on my Android internal memory , my functionality capacity was reduced. Tricks like clearing cache on my android deleting some non important files wasn't good enough anymore because of the sizes of Android Apps i wish to acquire. Android users with rooted devices has been able to use AppstoSD utility to divert Apps installation directly in SD, but the configuration process is not a easy one to complete Installing Android Apps On Memory Card/ SD Card using Froyo requires support from the Application itself, although most recently released applications on Android Device Support Moving To Memory Card External Sd Storage. By default Android 2.2 Froyo system will install application on your Android internal memory, though you can config your Android 2.2 to install all Apps Into SD Card  on auto.

    How To Install Apps By Default on Memory Card / SD External Storage,

    Enable From Setting USD Debugging  >>  Settings >> Apps >> Development >> The USB Debugging.

    Now Proceed with Android SDK Installation On Your PC from http://goo.gl/j56jyt

    After Download Extract To A Desired Folder For Easy Identification

    Open Extracted Folder And Run SDK   from Setup.exe

    Click Available Packages From Left  .. Note: if an error pops out set in for https://.."  for settings

    From Drop Down List Select USD DRIVER PACKAGE>>

    Now From the Bottom Right Side Click Install Selected  and Follow Instructions

    With USB Cord Connect Phone .... Phone Operating System Will Automatically Prompt To install the new drivers

    Select New Drivers Installation From Android-sdk/usb_driver

    Don't mount device yet, only need cable plugged in

    Press Down Win+R then type cmd on Any Microsoft Windows To Run Command prompt now navigate your Android-SDK\tools folder .

    Menu (or by selecting ) and inputing cmd. To change drives in command prompt  enter drive info/ letter with a colon (:)  simply change

    folder with CD command.

    On Android-SDK\tools folder content, input in adb devices a serial number begining with “H” pops. Finally input "adb shell pm

    setInstallLocation 2".  Yeppy that all you need to do, henceforth Android Installed Apps Storage location will be SD Card by default....

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