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    How To Secure And Recover Your Stolen iPhone With Proof

    Securing your iPhone From theft as never been this easy, i just discover a software that not only secures your iPhone but will also give you photo evidence to use against the infiltrators that stole your device.  All over the world there are people that specializes in stealing other people's valuable gadget and they always find a way to go free with it, without leaving any traces of evidence.

    What kind of Evidence am i talking about? What if touching your iPhone alone leaves evidence directly into your email, Am sure you know that would be so cool. I found this great iPhone Anti-theft software on Cydia called iGotya' App.

    What Are The Uses And Funcions Of iGotya Anti-Theft App For iPhone

    iGotya Anti-Theft App For iPhone Disable Switching Of iPhone Without Password

    iGotya Anti-Theft App On iPhone Take Pictures Using Front Camera Each Time An Unauthorized Users Enters A Wrong Password On Device Or Attempts To Switch OFF Devices

    Pictures Taken By iGotya iPhone Theft Protection App Will Be Sent Directly Into Your Set Email Box

    Advantages Of iGotya Theft Protection App

    It Give You Direct Evidence In Pictures On Each Attempt To Unlock Of Turn Off Your Device Using The Front Camera and Delivers Picture Directly Into Your Email...

    :::  As far as am concern the good thing about this anti-theft software is that, most stolen phones are turned off or tried to be unlocked by the thieves who stole it , so am always sure i will get a tangible evidence again the infiltrator and use against he or she..

    Here is a Testimony On A Forum Of Somebody Who's iPhone Was Stolen And Recovered : Follow This Link ::   http://goo.gl/KmDjqS

    Note: iGotya App Only Works On iPhone Jailbreak OS

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