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    Top 5 Features Android 4.4 Kitkat

    After looking through all of today's comments, compelling and analyzing it all and looking through every single thing, here it is and here we go, this is the best of the best.

    Technically this only a point one update from Android 4.3 and for those of you who thought this is gonna be a super minor update that is not relevant, think again there's a lot of awesome stuffs going on with this update. so i would have bunch of links on this video that will cover everything about this particular post, but without any further ordeal check this out!


    Number 5 Feature: Dialer

    I think a lot of us forget that ultimately the smart phone we use today were originally designed to place and receive phone calls, so the dialer as been improved for Android 4.4 kitkat. Improved both the functionality and the design, the design is different because for of all it organises the most frequently contacted people up at the top by default, so that nice and convenient and also bring in a new simply flat clean simple design that will see more on android.

    The Functionality of the dialer on android 4.4 kitkat is now upgraded, it acts as a search box in the most convenient way possible, so right now there's a search box over the top of the contact menu, if you wanna search a friend who's name is Victor, you can type in Victor and it automatically find Victor's Contact, but if you just wanna search for a local business or a local place that's near you, you can type is groceries and with show you there closest grocery store around you and Google maps. It will give you there phone numbers, address and of course there names, that is very convenient.

    Number 4 Feature: NFC Mimicking (HCE)

    It is call Host Card Emulation, basically what this does is to allow any device running KitKat whether it has NFC chip or not to emulate NFC based transaction whether you have an NFC chip or not. This can also be beneficial for bringing the ability to use NFC Stuffs like Mobile payments to as many devices as possible. Now a lot of the new devices that gets the Android 4.4kitkat would probably have the NFC Chips anyways, and when someone gets an older device that don't have NFC Chips they would be able to use all sort of features.


    Number 3 Feature Of Android 4.4 Kitkat: The Design Update

    It's all about the look basically here, Kitkat as changed all of the basic element that we've gotten used to in Android Since like Android 4.0 with the very hallow look but they are a lot flatter, a lot simpler and i really like a lot of them. The most noticeable is the new transparency of the lower bottom, the notification bar at the top and also the great new time and battery icon. All the indicators on top are also now with that flat great look. There's also a slightly adjusted system, all the different stock apps are all update with android and they all have this clean new design with them and even the touch responsiveness on bottom buttons is much neater, much more stable so overall is has nice cleaned up look that i like. But it definitely keeps the beautiful hollow stuffs, it brings full album arts when you listening to music and full screen apps that can take advantage of hidden your system icon buttons and your top notifications. 

    Tap the screen swipe down from the top to find those notifications even when using a full-screen application, this wasn't possible on Android before but now you don't have to close your apps to check your notifications. So overall there's a flatter, cleaner look to all the apps inside of KitKat and the operating system itself and i like the new look. I think it's very solo but it is also a good improvement from Android 4.3 - 4.4


    Number 2 Feature : Streamlined Performance

    And This is Arguably the most important update for android 4.4KitKat, in fact when you take a look at the blog post on the official page  announcing the new update. They are saying that they've been able to lower the system requirement for android 4.4 KitKat, this a big deal because usually going from an older version of Os to Newer One, the system requirement naturally gets bumped up as the technology moves forward. The newest version of Android will run faster, smoother and more efficiently on devices with as little as half a gigabyte of Ram. The OS itself is much more memory efficient and they streamlined major component of android, so the whole thing including multitasking would be faster. 

    They've introduced new API's to help your favorite developer's make great Android Apps run smooth and more responsive on way more devices, especially with those with lower specifications. The update kinda makes specs even less important like the were before, there's also this new built in settings called (( Process Stats )), you know how before you could see exactly how much storage each app was using on your android device, so you could tell when you've filled up your internal device storage.. 

    You're gonna have this apps called (( Process Stats )) which will look like the same thing for your Ram, so you can see exactly how much ram your individual application is using and it will give a better contextual idea whether or not you need more Ram.


    Number 1 Feature: Google Search And Google Now


    First of all on your home screen in your launcher you will be able to swipe all the way to your left and get to google now , which is very conveniently access. Similar to the way global search was inside iOS 6, and of course you can also still swipe up from the bottom top buttons, also get to "google now" and on the snap dragon 800 nexus 5 you gonna be able to use voice recognition, which will be constantly listening to you when you're on your home screen, this how far we know on Nexus 5 because of the snap dragon enabling it so it won't drain your battery life. Like i said earlier the new contact app is also a google search app, the dialer will let you search through google maps for local business listings. There are a ton of more improvements into google now, i call google now one of the best products of 2013. It seems google realizes how important, unique and how good this products are and they are putting more efforts into making this a better product.  A product as powerful, and that has so much potentials is definitely the no1.

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