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    Haptic Feedback 'haptics'

    Things we don't even think at times makes a huge difference in technology feedbacks. Haptic feedback also known as haptics is the application of touch sense to a user interface which provided information to end users.
    When applied to mobile technologies and communications, Haptic feedback is best described as the use of vibration on a vibration alarm to sense that a bottom as been pressed. Haptic Feedback best describes how touch screen technology works using minute surface vibration on the screen surface to detect that a bottom as been pressed.

    Our smart devices screen is best compared to a plain piece of glass, it is absolutely impossible to detect vibration on the screen of the device.  On input devices such as keyboard and mouse we hear a click sound which confirms that we've pressed a bottom. When we use our touch screen smartphones we do not hear any click through sound on our device we just know that the common as been processed by merely looking at the screen, that's Haptics.

    The Use of Haptic is beyond selection, navigation and input. They are now involved in our every day life.
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