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    iPhone 5s Smartphone Review

    Whats Up Guyz, This is not the first iPhone Review and Probably wont be the last, sometimes when you use a device for sometimes longer than the typical review period for tech reviewers, you get a better sense of what you like the device for and what you dont. Overall you get a general idea of how well you will like to use it and that is what this particular review is all about.

    This iPhone 5S review is from perspective of a person who uses a lot of google services, I've done reviews about iOS before, believe me this my first review iPhone Review. This Review took me like seven different iPhones to actually do this particular review, without much further stories let get started with this...

    This Is The iPhone 5s In Space Grey

    It Comes In Three Colors but the black is my favourite, the iPhone 5s Space Grey is just as familiar as the rest of the iPhone. It's Running Apple iPhone iOS 7, it has that familiar array of icons like every other iPhone. It is just as small in fact let me start by saying YES, am aware that the iPhone looks very small in our hands and that's because it is small in my hands. The Samsung Galaxy is a note that i've been using for some times now, it's a little bit bigger than an average phone for most people and it has a 5.7inch display. To me it doesn't feel all that extreme, but a smaller but common option that you will probably see my frequently is the Samsung galaxy s4. The Samsung galaxy S4 is a pretty popular phone, it has a 5inch display and has a same general look to it as a galaxy note 3 but it takes up space and involves reaching to the corner of it less. But even smaller than that is the Motorola x, which is one of my favorite devices right now and it is very compact with a 4.7inch display into a body that is not much bigger that the iPhone, so i can grip the whole thing.

    Back to my point, all this mentioned phone starts to look big when you compare them to the iPhone 5s, which has a 4inch display so its easily the smallest of the displays on any flagship by any company right now.
    The iPhone 5s is also one of the most compact mobile devices no doubt, which is something apple is really proud of in the phone. Personally i don't blame them, the iPhone 5s is really light to hold and you can reach all corner of display with just one hand, although i  think people can actually do that on a 4.5inch display too. But this is also one of the most fragile feeling phone out there, its not actually fragile it is really extremely well built. it is made out of premium materials like the HTC ONE, it got metal in it and it very tightly put together no quicken or any twisting.

    The Lack of any curves plus the glass at the back like the nexus 4, makes it feel like i better not drop this device, like if i drop it from few inches up it feels like it very delicate and vulnerable to scratches and i should be putting it in a case or something.


    There's some couple of thing about the battery in this device, like we say 1570mAh battery which is pretty small, in fact this entire iPhone 5s is about the same size with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Battery which is over 3000mAh. So with this having half the battery size as compared to a Samsung galaxy note 3 has it pros and cons.

    Pros, Charges Very Quickly

    Cons, Doesn't last as long as any other smartphones our there with a larger battery

    Standby time are excellent on the iPhone, i could goto sleep with an iPhone having a 100% battery and not charge and wake with 97% of charge left which is very good. An Android with similar battery might be at 80% when you wakeup, that's very cool because iOS takes good advantage of what it should be closing in background while the device is sleeping.

    The iPhone 5s doesn't have the best battery life during usage, not even as good as the iPhone 5, i will say 5% worse than the iPhone 5. Don't get worried the iPhone 5s still got about the same battery life you would expect from an iPhone, everything about the Hardware is very well crafted. we saw this in the iPhone 5 too, it has solid aluminum at the sides and the back, it has awesome bottoms that are precisely crafted so that they don't wobble at all which is nice.

    Volume indicator up and down, tampered edges are angled, headphone jack and the lighten port at the bottom and a precisely sharped speaker button of the iPhone.

    There's something i noticed about the speaker at the bottom of the iPhone, it actually has two speaker drill at the bottom which looks great and makes it look lyk a stereo speaker. unfortunately it has only a single drive and when you cover up the left hand side you will hear virtually no change in the sound because the right hand side of iPhone 5s speakers actually echo's to the left. If you cover up the right side you will completely mute the speakers, give a trial if you got one now.

    The iPhone 5s has a familiar look on the outside, Let take a quick look on the inside?

    Let see the spec sheet of the iPhone 5s

    In conclusion the iPhone 5s is smartphone for everyone.. Please drop comment and views

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