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    Samsung Galaxy s5 Release Rumors

    Today we  bringing you latest news about the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5, Some point towards the HD Screen which will give the S5 an eye watering resolution 2560 by 4040. In terms of the Samsung Galaxy S5 size rumor reports seems to agree on 5.2inches but its very unlikely there will be curve or flexibility like the recent galaxy round and the lg g flex.

    Can we expect a 64bit processor for the new Galaxy s5 ? Well back in November an aim of executives suggested that Samsung is looking to improve on there cpu features in the year  2014. And after Apple made 64bits in there 5S in 2013, Samsung wont wanna hang around for too long.

    We don't hate the plastic design of the S4, but when you look at the like of the iPhone 5s and HTC one the Samsung S4 is clearly lacking behind.

    The Samsung s5 might be designed with a combination of aluminum and have a full leather look at like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Perhaps not the full leather jacket some were hoping but we should have at least something a bit more premium feeling.

    We have heard rumors that the Samsung S5 will launch with the new Samsung OS but we highly doubt it. Unless Samsung is planning to ready for the stress behind that, We are expecting the Samsung Galaxy s5 to arrive running the good old Android.

    Lastly we expect the cameras to get and Upgrade with most rumors pointing towards a 16Megapixel camera with optical stabilization.

    Advancenaira Group will keep a close eye on the Samsung Galaxy s5, so if you want to stay updated be sure to stay right here with us..
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