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    WordPress to Set Up Your Website Seamlessly

    When you are planning to have your website (a good decision apparently), there are so many factors to keep in mind. While there is no dearth of the frameworks and platforms that you can resort to create your website, with the hope that you choose that one which suits you the best.

    The blogging mill continues to be assailed by new blogs everyday and you need a mix of too many things to make your blog standout by creating its own space. While your writing skills and your expertise over the topics you are writing for will help you greatly, it is the content management system you choose that will actually give you the platform to showcase those skills and that level of expertise in that particular field.
    Among all the CMSs available for your consideration, when it comes down to choosing one, most will recommend you WordPress, and for a lot of valid reasons. These reasons are what make WordPress so popular and so sought-after among the blogger community. And if you are unable to make your mind up, let’s give you an insight on what you can gain once you host your blog on WordPress.

    It is Amazingly Easy to Manage Content


    WordPress gives you all sort of freedom with the content on your website. It is not one of those platforms that will force you to write lengthy codes whenever you update or edit the content. For non coders, even HTML is a language with enough complications. They won’t really like to tangle themselves up with codes that are incomprehensible to them. This is where WordPress comes to rescue. In WordPress, managing or editing content is as easy as editing your content in a Word document. There are two interfaces – one is visual and the other is HTML. If you don’t know HTML, you don’t need to bother yourself with that tab. Just go to the Visual interface and make all the edits you want to right there, and you are good to go.

    Editing Image is Not Troublesome

    There are several instances when you realize that in a post, you might need to scale an image in order to reduce the size of the post or in case when you feel the image is towering over the content. Now, in an HTML powered website, this would again involve certain intricacies. But with WordPress, you simply have to go the media gallery, set the size of the image to a reduced pixel size, and the image gets scaled.

    The Plugins

    WordPress also makes a boast of an impressive line of plugins that make sure that as and when you need to add a feature which your theme does not have initially, you can install a plugin for that and add it accordingly. So whether you wish to install a plugin for adding social media functionality to your website, or you wish to add a feature that lets you manage your ad code placement in a more enhanced manner, you can find a plugin for that. Also, certain features optimizing your website for a festive season, like for Christmas, becomes easier with these plugins. There are several plugins available on Internet that add a snow effect on your website. With some, you can add a Christmas branch to the site while some can be installed for displaying lights at the top of the page. These plugins can be easily searched and installed and a huge array of them comes absolutely free of cost.
    WordPress is a massively useful platform. Set your website up on WordPress and let your online presence leap.

    Guest Post Written By Peter Milar Xicom Technonologies, A Web development Expert, ASP.Net Developer
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