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    Apple iOS 8 Top 10 New Features

    Apple iOS 8 new features brings changes both large and small to apple latest iOS, if your struggling to keep up with everything that's new then don't then be worried cause we've compelled the list of the top 10 iOS 8 features you need to know about.

    Top 10 iOS 8 new features you need to know about

    Interactive Notification


    Instead of forcing you to exit application before you check notifications, interactive application in iOS 8 now allows you to check and reply messages without exiting the app. A quick swipe displays displays your notification, a text message field for ams messages and so on

    Spot Light Search Now Like Siri

    The spot light search has taking a siri like flavor, meaning in addition to just searching the content of your phone, it can also look for point of interest such as searching the app store, iTunes, cinema listing and anything else you might be looking for. Now when a text is sent to you, you will be able to reply on both iPad and Mac As Well.

    Group notification as been given a major update allowing to add and remove people from active conversations, share your location, see images at the in thread and best of all tun on do not disturb if things get rough.

    In-LIne Voice And Video Messaging

    On of the new most interesting new features is in-line voice and video messaging, which allows you to send a quick voice or video clip which self destruct snap shot style at a time you choose.

    Saying Hey Siri will now activate apple's voice system, siri now has 22 new dictation languages support.

    Family Sharing
    Family sharing now lets you share your iTunes and other media with up to six family members and comes with multiple alert if the kids try to spend too much on in-games purchases

    AirDrop On iOS Now Works With MAC

    Its not called Health book and iwatch is not coming anytime soon, rumored health app is exactly what were expecting. Away from third-party application such as fuel bands to share health data with your iOS devices.  Apps store will access health data you get an explicit permission to use. Hopefully this one will attract a more third-party support than passbook did. If this is as good as it looks its going to be amazing, with continuity your iOS devices and Mac will know where your devices are, what they are doing and also switch devices

    For example you can start writing email from your iPhone and finish it on your Mac, or a web you've been looking on your Mac Safari and see it on iPad, Also use Mac as a speaker phone for your iPhone.

    Amazing Keyboard

    We've seen predicted typing on other platform of course, but apple's version is context aware, this means if you're replying to a message suggesting movie or dinner? your typing suggestion will include dinner and movie. iOS 8 will also at long last support third-party keyboard.

    Mail New Gestures

    Mail also get new gestures that makes mail that much easier, you can mark as read, unread, delete and flag messages with just a swipe of a finger. if you want to refer to other message while composing mail, you can swipe down to browse your email and then swipe back up to get you wiring

    New HomeKit Api

    The the new home kit api is designed to make the new iOS the hub for all kind of smart equipment, instead of multiple apps doing there own thing apple has created a platform for locks, light, camera's doors plus hand switches that groups devices together and controls them via siri.

    Eg like telling siri, Time To Sleep - it will turnoff the lights, aim the alarm and kill the TV. If home kits is widely supported it could turn out to be a very big deal indeed
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