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    How To Format Any Android Phone

    Simple Way To Format Or Factory Reset Any Android Smartphone When Needed. Android Smartphones are more or less like our normal personal computers and they sometimes malfunction due to error in installation, operating system malfunction or storage error. A factory reset, restore or format is needed to restore back to factory settings, hence removing all software related errors. Please note that formatting cannot correct hardware related error, Android format only help correct software errors by restoring Android device operating system back to manufacturer default.

     How To Format, Factory Reset Or Restore Android Smartphones

    Note: make sure your battery is well charged before proceeding with Android Format, make sure you have at least 65% charge of battery. 

    Step 1. Got To Setting >> Privacy 

    Step 2: Select Backup Data And Also Select Automatic Restore

    Step 3:  Warning Warning Warning !!!! All Data On Device Will Be Lost After Renewal, If You Have Important Information On Device Please Backup Appropriately ...

     >>    Proceed By Selecting >> Factory Data Reset >>

    Step 4: Note: Before you can perform a successful Factory Reset On Your Android Device All Data On External Storage Device ( Memory Card ) will all be lost. I advise you understand properly before proceeding, so you don't end up loosing important information. Your Device will require your pattern lock to proceed with the reset only if your device is password protected.

    Step 5: Final Step, Select erase everything

    Wait and watch your device, the device will reboot after few minutes and return to manufacturer settings. Easy way to format your Android Device.
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    1. how bout unbricking softbricked android phones without cwm


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