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    Apple Latest iOS 8 wwdc 2014

    Apple latest iOS 8 features and release date wwdc 2014 has officially kicked off bringing us our frist glimpse of Apple Latest Mobile Operating iOS, the iOS 8. iOS 8 comes with a lot of tweaks for both iPhone and iPad User's building on the more fluid intuitive experience introduced by Apple on iOS 7 to bring greater continuity across all devices.

     Changes On New Notification Center On Apple iOS 8 

    The New notification centre on the latest apple iOS 8 has been refined for a start giving you more of the information you need at a start with just a swipe of a finger from the top down.

    iOS 8 Introduction Of Active Notification

    The latest active notification allows users to reply messages and alert within other apps, third party widgets are now supported within the notification center.

    Improved SPot light On iOS 8

    For example typing  in a place, on the latest Spot Light On iOS 8 might bring up a page from Wikipedia or map direction, rather than the conventional straight direct result on apple iOS 7

    iOS 8 Mail Made More User Friendly

    By Simply Swiping on a message will let you flag the colour code indicator, mark as "read" or "delete " it all together.
    iOS 8 lets you access messages in your inbox while you're actually accessing your email

    Apple iOS 8 HealthKit

    Apple showed off healthkit which acts as a new hub for all your health related apps and fitness info. The health app is basically what we expected it to be, it gathers all your health data from third party devices and shares it with your iOS.

    New Photosmart For iOS 8

    The new photosmart makes sure photos are accessible across all your devices. This simply means if something terrible to happen to your iPhone or iPad your beautiful pictures won't be lost.

    More Interliigent Photo Editing Feature

    This also means that with simple tweaks you have more overall improved pictures without having to fav around with heavy settings. The coolest thing about photosmart on apple latest  iOS 8 is that edited pictures are also saved across all devices on both iPad and iPhone, it doesn't matter where you edited them it takes effect across all devices, thanks to iOS 8 iCloud photo editing access.

    iOS 8 Messaging Makes More Sense

    You can now set "Do Not Disturb Alert" for group messages and participant can back out of threads whenever they choose, you can share your location with a friend as well and more easily send a voice or video message

    Quick Type Keyboard On iOS 8

    A new quick type keyboard will be making its way as well, featuring better input prediction and support a huge range of native languages. iOS 8 supports third-party software's including swift-key.

    Developer will be getting there hands on iOS 8 from today, as usual user's will have to wait a little longer before getting stocked into apple's latest OS.


    Release Date Of iOS 8

    Official roll out of Apple Latest iOS 8 for User's is expected around Autumn, for more information on iOS 8 and wwdc2014 be sure to stay with us right here on Advancenaira.
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