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    How To Manually Backup Wordpress Database

    Backing Up Wordpress Database is the most important step a blogger most know and do often to guarantees success and safety. Database backups must be done regularly and its compulsory for quality assurance and safety.

    Blogs easily gets compromised or simply crash from plugin malfunction or new wordpress update incompatibility. The truth is whenever there's a problem with our blogs that has affected wordpress database, the best option is doing a database restore to a previously working database backup. If you don't wont your wordpress blog doomed.

    There are several database backup methods e.g. plugin backups and automatic backup . The best backup method that i personally recommend is a direct manual backup, its safe and secured.

    Backing up wordpress using plugins and auto backup can fail you but manual backup won't fail you.

    How To Backup Your Wordpress Manually

    This days backing up is paramount because wordpress blogs are getting porous on a daily basis and you need to update often and do multiple backup on a daily basis.

    Manual backup is as simple as ABC and requires no special expertise.

    Let Get Started ..

    STEP 1:  Logon To Your HOST C-PANEL

    Goto Files >>>   Click Backup - Wizard

    Once you click it, most c-panel will usually open a new window, Once You Get to the new window

    Click BACKUP

    ..  there are two options >> Full or Partial Backup

    PARTIAL BACKUP >> let you select individual backups to download -- options are { Home Directory } , " MYSQL  Database "  " Email Forwarders and Filters

    We are backing up DATABASE so Click >> MYSQL  Database

    Select The Database Attached to Your Wordpress If you have multiple database in MYSQL Database

    Click Download And Save To A Preferred Location In Your PC..


    Restoring a previously downloaded backup is very easy compared to download because its almost the same step with a little flip to it.

    STEP 1:  Logon To Your HOST C-PANEL

    Goto Files >>>   Click Backups

    Under back backup option move to partial Backups are, just as shown in the image below

    Click { Browse } right next  next to RESTORE A MYSQL DATABASE option

    Now Located Your Preferred backup on your hard drive and select it. Click Upload.. And That's All

    How Do you Backup your own blog? Give your opinion and suggestions.
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