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    How To Monetize Your Blog

    Blogging has become very lucrative and fast booming in recent years, blogging is now a house hold name. A platform previously known by few individuals for sharing reviews, thoughts and opinion has now become a multimillion dollar venture. Only few blogger were passionate about the job few years back but now blogging as gone far and beyond passion. It has now a become a master piece. Blogging is now commonly used for various purposes beyond initial scope of knowledge, a lot of new avenues as now explored. For many individuals blogging as become a full time job, ripping in constant income.

    Blogging is no longer just passion, it is now driven by pursuit for steady income and significant popularity, bloggers are now blogging to make earns meet.

    Setting up a WordPress blog or a blogger blog is now made easy, fast and available for all. A little practice and joint effect is what is required and bingo there you go… Website can now be created within 5mins, perfected within same hour using designed template and make ready for posting articles instantly.

    After successfully creating your new blogger blog or WordPress blog, your next job is to start posting new articles daily, promote website using SEO, SEM and SMO. You can easily acquire the skills reading SEO, SEM and SMO experts articles online and applying what they recommend.

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    The Difficult aspect about blogging for newbie is making money blogging, 90 percent of new blogger fail to earn money blogging and after short time they quit blogging.

    Why Do Blogger Fail Making Money Online

    Newbie fail because they are unable to properly monetize there blog appropriately. Yes, they fail in monetizing. Some manage to get a lot of traffics but at the end the earn so little or no income at all.

    Today i will share with you few Working monetizing programs you can enroll and integrate into blogging to earn a significant amount of income.

    First : Google Adsense


    Adsense is a widely known and recommended website monetizing program. It is not only used by blogger, even companies use it to monetize there websites. Newbie find it difficult to make money from this particular program because it is difficult to determine if it is good for there blog or not.

    Blogs Suitable For Adsense

    Google Adesense is more suitable for a niche site that carries HIGH CPC, e.g. mortgage, insurance, health and money money online niche. Be rest assured that you're gonna make a lot of income if your blog niche carries HIGH CPC.

    Secondly ::::  Affiliate Marketing


    Affiliate Marketing is a fantastic way of making money online. Monetizing your blog by signing up to promote a product or brand and earn money from sales made using a special link created for promoter on your blog.

    Blog Suitable For Affiliate Marketing

    Product review blogs and marketing blogs are best for affiliate marketing.

    Thirdly : Make Your Own Products Available For Sales

    The most suitable blog monetize method is selling your own produce. Adsense and affiliate marketers share your revenue with Google and product owners. When you sell your own product, the total income is shared all to yourself.

    Blog Suitable For Selling Own Produce

    You can make money online selling your own products as eBook or video tutorials. For Example let say you're expert Forex trader ( Foreign Exchange Trader) you can compile your trading ideas and signal method in one eBook or YouTube video and sell to individuals

    Above are the few things i do to make money online, what do you do? how do you make you own money monetizing you blog?

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    1. Thanks for the vital information, its help me as a blogger; you can visit my blog www.sabtechcafe.blogspot.com. but the main issue an having is monetizing my blog and I hope I can start from here. Thanks, Samuel


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